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The Boglioli and Caruso jackets at Trunk are my favourite range of casual alternatives to tailoring in London. There are several reasons why you might want a casual RTW jacket, including styling, cost and finishing. For me the biggest one is the whole-garment washes that cannot be replicated with bespoke, and which are the most attractive feature of a casual cotton jacket.  

Even within Trunk’s small range, however, it’s not obvious what the different models are and what they mean in terms of style and price. Plus I always find it’s nice to know that kind of information before going into a store. So here’s my guide.

Coat jacket

Starting price: £455
Fit: The loosest and longest of the Boglioli (though none of them are long)
Style: Tends to be in more casual fabrics, such as washed cottons, to reflect the relaxed fit. Like all the Boglioli, it is unlined, with no canvas in the chest or padding in shoulder, and a ‘shirt sleeve’ where the sleeve runs underneath the shoulder
Dover jacket
Starting price: £525
Fit: Shortest of the three models, but in the middle for slimness
Style: The best-selling of the three, it is usually in wools and cottons.
K jacket
K jacketStarting price: £815
Fit: The slimmest of the three and in the middle for length
Style: The most luxurious fabrics, such as cashmere. This is the only real reason for the higher price – the construction on all three models is the same
The Boglioli suits are modelled off the Dover, just with matching trousers. There is also a new line called Eton that tries to be a little more English, using chalk-stripe flannel for instance. It still has no padding in the shoulder, a shirt sleeve and no lining, however.
Starting price: £800
Fit: Slightly roomier than the Boglioli, and slightly longer, though still shorter than any tailored jacket
Style: Made with shoulder padding and chest canvas, so more like a recognisable English jacket, though largely with a shirt sleeve. Comes in two levels of finish: Golden and Parma. The former has the Milanese buttonhole in the lapel, pick stitching and some more handwork on the lining. (Drake’s jackets are Golden finish.)
TrunkStarting price: £755
Fit: Made by Caruso but in a slightly softer cut than the jackets above (the Shelby), and slimmer and shorter
Style: Differentiated from normal Caruso by its roped shoulder, half lining and flapped rather than patch pockets. All more English touches, which is reflected in the materials: all relatively heavy Fox Flannel and Breanish Tweed.
These jackets are the direction Trunk wants to take its branded tailoring in the future, hopefully creating a line in great materials with a mix of the English and Italian styling. 

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