In Paris last week Dirnelli organised a wonderful dinner of fans of the blog and bespoke gentlemen. He is fourth from the right. The other gentlemen will remain nameless.

Around the table were customers of Chittleborough & Morgan, Solito, Camps de Luca, Rubinacci, Steven Hitchcock, Ripense, Napoli su Misura (NSM) and others. I found it striking how many serious bespoke customers there were among such a group in Paris. My experience in London and elsewhere is that readers tend not to have such extensive experience, or the ones that do are not active online. Indeed, this Parisian group was collectively responsible for convincing NSM to start travelling to Paris. Note the Permanent Style Tweed in the Ripense jacket below, right.










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Hello Simon,

Thank you for posting about our dinner which was really nice indeed! Just a small correction, the Permanent Style Tweed was done by Ripense in Rome, not NSM.



I can’t afford to dress in luxury tailored clothes, but I appreciate you’re patrons of a beautiful trade and craft. Money well spent, and this is why I come back to this blog (and a little sartorial knowledge does, in fact, go a long way on a budget).

Keep up the good spend.


Who were you wearing for the evening, Simon?



Simon I agree with Chris and I wish you a pleasant Christmas and a prosperous 2014. Thank you for all the inspiration, advice and generally great reading over 2013….D


Great post as ever-are these chaps very very rich or just clever at spending their cash?


Simon, what is your opinion of Ripense?

Walter Jenkins

Interesting use of the word ‘gentlemen’, which for me relates more to the manner of one’s conduct, rather than one’s dress. I have no insight into the character of the attendees, but wonder whether you have another interpretation of the word?