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My most recent
column for How to Spend It magazine – the luxury supplement of the Financial Times – was on your friend and mine, Mr George Glasgow Jr. The name dropping was relentless, but then you can hardly expect anything else when clients are Tarantino, Affleck and L Jackson. There is also a serious point there about European bespoke companies setting up satellites in the US. It could be popular, and even expanded into other, faster-growing parts of the world.

The previous column, which I didn’t mention here on Permanent Style, was on Lizzie at Levi’s. You can read that one here.



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Hello Simon,

Totally random question, and one that I have nowhere to turn, but you!

Would you consider wearing an Isaia red coral pin with non-Isaia goods a faux pas?


Interesting articles, thanks Simon. To be honest, I’m surprised more British tailors and shoemakers haven’t done something similar. From the sound of it, most of the visiting tailors are getting significant volumes of business here and the growth potential with a permanent presence must be huge. (Not to mention the surprising lack of American bespoke options; a lot of the places that claim to be “bespoke” are actually MTM in China, and the few that are the real deal are often over twice the price of their UK and Italian counterparts).

Speaking of bespoke, do you have any insights on the quality at the Levis at their store in the Meatpacking District? It seems like a lot of the buzz around their London store is based on Lizzie’s tailoring background so I was wondering if the NYC version is of a similar standard.


I was wondering, are you following the Giveaway Contest on the Shoe Snob and if so, have you ever considered doing something similar?