Men's jackets sport and war

Last month I wrote a couple of articles for the menswear supplement of The Sunday Telegraph, of which the main focus was menswear’s origins in adventure (and adventurers). You can read the main piece here: click on each image to fill the screen; then zoom if necessary. 


Men's jackets sport and war2

Men's jackets sport and war3



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Hello Simon, a very enjoyable article, I especially liked the illustrations. Re. the leather jackets, I think it also worth noting the contribution of WW2 flying jackets (vs. WW1) to the style ouevre. In particular the US M1 and the German Luftwaffe pilot jacket Pattern 1. The central contributions being the shirt style collar and pocket placements (seen in the modern jacket examples) as well as the short length (for reasons of comfort whilst in small cockpits).
Thanks again.