Summer dressing in Robb Report; tailors and SMN in How to Spend It

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In recent weeks there have been several pieces in magazines such as Robb Report UK and the Financial Times's luxury supplement, How To Spend It. 

Regular readers will be aware that I write a monthly column for How to Spend It - probably the UK's leading luxury magazine - called Inside Track. It focuses on smaller brands and often makes use a behind-the-scenes narrative. 

So recently FT readers have heard of being in bed with Robin Bennett of Bennett Winch, and of going into the rafters of the Santa Maria Novella church in Florence. (Articles at those links.)

cigar cases

But gratifyingly, there has also been more appetite recently among the hard-copy staff for pieces on craft and tailoring. In recent weeks that has meant magazine pieces on the attraction of vintage cigar cases, and the attraction (as well as superb value) of Kaweco pens.

Apparently people have been going into Trunk (which stocks Kaweco) asking if it is 'that pen shop'. Tim and co have been at pains to point out that they do sell other things (while selling yet another Kaweco pen). 

kaweco pen

This weekend, the next edition of Wise Guise - the FT's menswear supplement - will also include a large feature by me on the rise of travelling tailors around the world, and a short piece on Brio. It was particularly interesting talking to tailoring customers in London and New York, who now get to pick from Parisians and Neapolitans rather than just the English. 

Lastly (forgive the self-promotion, but I think readers will find the pieces genuinely interesting) I've been writing regularly for the new British offshoot of US luxury magazine Robb Report. 

In recent months that has included a 'how it works' piece on Floris bespoke perfume, a column on why men should wear hats, and most recently a piece on dressing for summer - from which the image at top of this piece is taken. The latter can be read on the Robb Report website here. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.01.17

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Just a couple of questions about the Kaweco aluminum pen, pictured. Does it use a standard refill cartridge? And more subjectively, how does it feel in hand, since it’s made from presumably light(er) aluminum? Trunk also has a model in brass which appeals for its weight and patina-potential



On the subject of travel, how do they fare on airplanes? Any leakages?

James Marwood

I’ve got about 60 hours of flights so far with my brass Kaweco, and it has yet to leak. They’re fantastically well put together for the price.


Kaweco is just great however I feel their aluminum pens are much better than their plastic pens. They have a fancy name for that plastic and presumably it’s more of a pre-war era resin, but still the aluminum pens feel nicer. With respect to cartridges theirs are cheap and fine but I think any “standard” cartridge would fit.

Fun fact: They have really cool old advertisements. I suggest to google them.


US readers cannot access your articles on Robb Report. We are directed back to the US domain/site. It has been quite frustrating. Can you please share links to static pages of your posts or reproduce them here? It’s a shame that a large portion of your readership is missing out.


Hi Simon,
Did you hear back from Robb Report?
Would love to read more of your work.