150 William, Michael Skinner toast

This year Savile Row tailors Dege & Skinner are 150 years old – pretty impressive for any business, but particularly one that is still family owned. In fact, the house has done rather well in the last couple because of that heritage, benefiting from customers leaving other Savile Row houses that have been bought up. 

Dege held a little party at the store last Thursday to celebrate the anniversary, mostly peopled by staff and customers. It’s an odd combination – young and old, familiar and not – but they all seemed to rub along well. Pictured above, Michael and William Skinner raising a glass outside the shop. 

For those that are interested, I’m wearing the Henry Poole double-breasted suit I had made a couple of years ago – there are nine step-by-step posts on that on the site if you search. Worn with denim shirt, navy grenadine tie and grey linen handkerchief.

150 customer, Simon CromptonDege and Skinner Savile Row 150 year anniversary2 150 Neil Stainton Dege and Skinner Savile Row 150 year anniversary Dege and Skinner Savile Row 150 year anniversary4 Dege and Skinner Savile Row 150 year anniversary5