Whitcomb & Shaftesbury US trip

Whitcomb & Shaftesbury
, the fabulously good value tailor I have written about recently, visit the US 5-6 times a year. 

They will be there next in a couple of weeks – in New York for three days and then Los Angeles for one. 

The details are:

  • New York: 18, 19, 20 April. Plaza Athenee Hotel
  • Los Angeles:  21 April. The Peninsula, Beverly Hills

Email [email protected] for appointments. Prices start at $2100 for a 2-piece suit under the Classic Bespoke process I have written about, and $250 for shirts (both ex-VAT). 

Classic Bespoke involves the suit being cut and finished by ex-Kilgour cutter John McCabe (pictured above) in London, but made by a team in India trained by Savile Row coatmaker Bob Bigg. Hence the value. 

Read my review of the resulting suit here

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Does John McCabe actually travel to the U.S. though? I’m always hesitant to have a salesperson do the measuring / fitting.


Classic Bespoke is now $2100 instead of £1360? That’s a big change since you last quoted the prices in October 2015.


Pounds and Dollars – got to me more careful.

Reuven Lax

Also, given how low the pound has been relative to the dollar recently, this is an even better deal.


I commissioned a suit with W&S last week, very similar in concept to Simon’s, and was very pleased at the very pleasant reception and excellent advice and knowledge of John and Suresh.

Dan Gutin

I’ve been trying to contact them to schedule an appointment when they visit New York for the past week with multiple emails to Karen with no reply and no answer at the number listed on their website. Any suggestions on how to reach them Simon?

Dan Gutin

Scratch that – Karen replied literally as I was posting!