Savile Row pop-up shop: The opening party

Thursday, March 2nd 2017
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There was a point in my speech where I got a little emotional. 

I'd only sketched down some points on the back of an envelope, mostly thanking everyone from the brands, to the audience, to manager James Girdwood.

There was also a particular shout-out for Mantas Lesauskas from Honorific and Simone Mattioli from Umbria Verde (below) - who made the Permanent Style valet stand and our Finest Knitwear respectively, and had come to spend time in the shop and talk to people about their creations. 

But then I mentioned how proud I was the first time I saw the 'Permanent Style' sign above the door. And how long it seemed since I'd started a little style blog. 

And I believe there was a tiny catch in my voice. Because it genuinely means a lot, to me and to everyone involved in Permanent Style. 

So one more round of thanks - to everyone, to you all, to readers everywhere. 

Here are some pictures from our opening party, which was absolutely rammed, and tremendous fun. 

Thank you again. 

Details on the pop-up shop, which is open Tuesday to Saturday this week and next, here.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man