Savile Row pop-up shop: The opening party

Thursday, March 2nd 2017
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There was a point in my speech where I got a little emotional. 

I'd only sketched down some points on the back of an envelope, mostly thanking everyone from the brands, to the audience, to manager James Girdwood.

There was also a particular shout-out for Mantas Lesauskas from Honorific and Simone Mattioli from Umbria Verde (below) - who made the Permanent Style valet stand and our Finest Knitwear respectively, and had come to spend time in the shop and talk to people about their creations. 

But then I mentioned how proud I was the first time I saw the 'Permanent Style' sign above the door. And how long it seemed since I'd started a little style blog. 

And I believe there was a tiny catch in my voice. Because it genuinely means a lot, to me and to everyone involved in Permanent Style. 

So one more round of thanks - to everyone, to you all, to readers everywhere. 

Here are some pictures from our opening party, which was absolutely rammed, and tremendous fun. 

Thank you again. 

Details on the pop-up shop, which is open Tuesday to Saturday this week and next, here.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Wow Simon, the room was packed!

Congratulations on what appears to be a smashing success.

Kev Fidler

Just popped in today, Simon and your pride in the achievement is more than justified. Getting to see products and especially talking to the people responsible is an excellent venture so please repeat it if you can. Compliments too to the participants there, genuinely receptive to people going in and excellent ambassadors for their companies. (Top marks to Luca Falconi and his excellent staff – order for more shirts and that splendid cashmere a definite.)


Thank you very much for the compliments, I am glad you like our products and the service.
It was nice meeting you in person and chatting with you. And thanks for the new order!
Luca Faloni

john henwood

Hats off to you for organising it….a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting evening providing the opportunity to speak first hand to some skilled artisans. Well done


Hi Simon,
Excellent initiative!


Dear Simon

It was my pleasure in finally meeting you yesterday as I came especially to meet you, just wish you had more time to chat.

By the way I have finished reading both of your books purchased yesterday and enjoyed reading them very much.




Hi Simon

We met yesterday when Elia arrived at the shop. Thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk, I had so many things to ask but unfortunately I had a train to catch and could only waffle in the time I had!


Great additions to the Row. Congrats!


The gent in the windowpane jacket and tan jumper in photo number 6 looks really great. That’s relaxed tailoring.


And what appears to be a 5402 on the wrist. Bravo!


Of all people, certainly you deserve this kind of success and then some. Congratulations, Simon! This enthusiast is with everyone there in spirit, despite being too far away to visit (rhyme not intended.)

Your Liverano jacket is instantly recognisable and simply bold (in a good way.) I’m in a bit of a bind as to the trousers, though. There’s certainly texture, but my untrained eye can’t tell if it’s indigo denim, charcoal flannel or something else. Elsewhere, I’d hazard a guess at a Luca Avitabile pale blue cotton shirt, and the tie is probably a knit from Drake’s. My silly guessing game aside, a marvellous outfit for the important occasion at hand.


Fantastic pieces. Thanks for clarifying.


Oh lovey, congraulations! Will you be makiing any more in store appearances? I will definitely pop in.


*lovely* not ‘lovey’ ! #awkward


Saw you by Goose Green last night, by the time I realised it was you it was too late to give compliments on how you were dressed. All the best.


Will you be doing another pop up?