Friday was the annual MTBA summer party (Master Tailors’ Benevolent Association). It’s one of two events every year that brings together all the tailoring fraternity and is consistently a great event (the other big gathering being the dinner just before Christmas).

The Merchant Taylors’ Hall, where it is held, is a wonderful series of rooms around a stone courtyard dating back to 1347. It was particularly lovely this year, as the shelter and stone construction made it a cool place to spend a hot summer evening.

Sharing a few pictures of the night, at top is myself with Graham Browne cutters Dan (left) and Russell (right). Below are another Dan (left), a tailor at Anderson & Sheppard who received an MBTA certificate and Eric Musgrave (right), author of Sharp Suits and now director general of the UK Fashion & Textile Association. Bottom is myself, again, with Karl (centre), front of house at Anderson & Sheppard, and James (right), a coat cutter at A&S.

Photos courtesy of Andy Barnham, Savile Row Bespoke Association photographer for the evening
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Savile Joe

A gathering of some real names in the industry, must be great to spend some time with these guys, and yourself of course Simon!
Coincidentally I was just looking at my copy of Sharp Suits at the weekend!

Savile Joe


I take it you were the only man wearing a tie?


You wear the sportcoat well Simon, very nice–looks like it was a great evening

Laguna Beach Trad

You appear to be the only chap wearing a neck tie. WTF?!

Traditionally Styled

How long have you been associated with the MBTA?
Looks like a wonderful affair.
Great post!