Amended Friday Polos in stock – and available to try on

Friday, December 14th 2018
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Thank you for waiting so patiently - particularly those on the waiting list, who were alerted to the Friday Polo's availability a couple of days ago.

The Friday Polo is now back in stock, in its original four colours: navy, green, grey and white.

You can see them on the Shop page of the site here.

We've also made a small enhancement, adding fusing to the placket.

One thing I wanted to change in the original Friday Polo was the structure of the placket, which was a little too soft.

So in the lightweight version offered in the summer, we experimented with a little fused lining, similar to that already in the collar and cuffs.

It worked so well that the change has now been carried across to the whole range, and every future Friday Polo will feature it.

Elsewhere it's the same popular design, created specifically to be a polo shirt that works under tailoring.

The collar is a little higher, so it sits above the jacket collar. The body is long, like a shirt, so it stays tucked in. And the material is a heavy piqué that can be worn year-round, not just in summer.

There are also functional elements of handwork, such as a hand-inserted sleeve and hand-rounded collar, that give the Friday Polo the same functionality with a jacket as a good Neapolitan bespoke shirt.

It is designed to be, and has become for many people, the perfect thing to wear in a casual office to look well-put-together but in no way corporate.

You can read more about the shirts, their making in Naples and the cloth on the shop site here.

Another important addition to the offering this time is that we have sizes available for people to try on in New York, and in London.

The four colours of shirt, each in one of the four sizes, are right now in the Stefano Bemer showroom in New York, and in the Whitcomb & Shaftesbury atelier in London.

Please contact them to arrange a time to go try on the sizes if you want to.

Contact details are [email protected] and [email protected]

This is hopefully a small step towards making sized PS products easier to buy. Although we offer free returns, sending things back and forth is always a pain.

These are the only products available in the showrooms at the moment.

But it might be something we look to expand in the future.

As has now become customary, we organised a photoshoot with three friends to demonstrate different ways to wear the Friday Polo.

Pictured here are:

  • Lizzie Radcliffe (from Levi's bespoke service, in green)
  • James Allen (from Birch creative agency, in white)
  • Jamie Ferguson (coping well with being in front of the camera for a change, in navy)
  • and myself, in grey

James wears his white Polo in a very classic, refined combination of navy blazer and grey trousers, showing how formal it can be.

I'm in the grey Polo with a jacket and trousers as well, but both cotton: a green-corduroy jacket from Ettore de Cesare (review coming soon) and beige cotton trousers from Dalcuore.

Still smart, but a lot less formal.

Jamie is perhaps the most stylised, buttoning his polo up to the neck to wear under a Thom Sweeney bespoke grey-tweed jacket, jeans and a pea coat.

And Lizzie is super-casual, tucking her green polo into a pair of her bespoke Levi's, with a leather jacket over the top.

The shoot was great fun, and hopefully shows the versatility of the polo beyond just shots of me wearing it with the same old sports jackets.

It's also weird to think this is the fourth shoot we've now done now. The years fly past.

Below I've added in a few more shots from previous years, to demonstrate yet more combinations.

Thanks everyone, and thank you for your support of Permanent Style.

Friday Polos £165 plus VAT, in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large - details and availability here.

Photography: above, Alex Natt @adnatt; below, Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Surprised how good it looks on the lady . They certainly have a unisex appeal .

Off topic but wonder if you could help me with the following.
Whilst looking to commission a bespoke it soon became apparent what I could afford was a MTM .
On investigating MTM it soon became apparent that most tailors measure you and then email these details to a factory in Portugal , Morocco, Mauritius etc .
Is there much value in this kind of MTM?
Is it just a case of profiteering ?

P.S. your best article this year was the MTM v Bespoke. I hope more like this are planned for the future .



If you live in London – Graham Browne have their Christmas sale on 27th-29th, where suits are available from £895 (down from £1,250) and sports jackets from £725 (down from £950). This is true bespoke, with a pattern cut by hand uniquely for you, although everything is sewn together by machine (hence the lower cost). Simon used to go there when he was first starting out and there’s plenty of stuff on the blog about them if you do a search.

I’m yet to try him for a sports coat, but if you’re after workhouse day-to-day business suits, I couldn’t recommend Russell (the cutter) highly enough – despite my initial scepticism of the low price and more old-fashioned cut. Its not going to be Savile Row Bespoke quality make or service so don’t go in expecting that, but its far above the Mauritius-made MTM programmes offered by the likes of Gieves etc and I’d strongly recommend it over those at the full £1,250 too!

If you are going to do the MTM route – I’d say the key thing is to make sure you’re going somewhere they understand how to properly manipulate the system they’re using. The problem with MTM usually isn’t so much its potential, but that any salesman with a tape measure could be doing the measurements (you could even be measuring yourself!) and they don’t necessarily get that right or understand how the numbers they’re inputting will affect the piece produced. Most of the Savile row companies use the same Mauritius manufacturer (Wensum) for their MTM operations, but achieve wildly different results based mostly on whether they get experienced tailors or junior salespeople to take the measurements.


Whilst the articles on this site are worth the visit alone, what I really enjoy are the comments and the discussion that each article provokes. This comment by H is exactly what brings me back to PS every day. Thank you H for this great response to Robin.


It’s some years ago, but I found the outcome of each commission to be very different at Graham Browne. Garments with obvious flaws left the house. I realized that it was I the customer that was supposed to tell them. Again, it’s some years ago but I did not feel them to be honest. Probably good and serious MTM or the Whitcomb India model as described by Simon might be on par or better.


I’ve had two suits and three pairs of trousers from GB in the last couple of years. I’ve found them to be consistent and the finish is good. I took delivery of my first W&S in July. It’s a better fit than GB and a more contemporary style, but it cost double the GB sale price. I think both are good value. I will probably use W&S for “best” and GB for everyday work suits.


Hi Robin,

Where are you based? I may be able to help, or point you in the right direction if not.

Mtm is down to knowledge of the systems and blocks. Best viewed in person and on recommendation.

Albeit there are some big advantages too… often overlooked is the buying power the manufacturers command. Meaning you can get better prices on cloths usually out of reach :+)


I think like most readers on this blog i come to learn but with the limitation of probably not being able to afford bespoke .
I can get a perfectly reasonable RTW from SuitSupply and wonder what MTM can offer but would still love to go through the experience.
I suppose I want a nice clean shoulder , flattering silhouette, high’ish’armhole .
I live in Leicester.
Cheers Scott.


Hi Robin,

Ping me your email and I’ll send you a message



The last few photos seem to show the polo having only a single button, whereas the majority of photos show multiple buttons. Is a one button version an option or are my eyes just deceiving me?


The one-button version looks very elegant and unique. Will there be more of those?


Hi Simon,

I’ve been wanting to buy both these and your shirts for some time but I find myself squarely between your M and L sizes (which vary by a whole 10 cm in the chest). Have you considered other sizing models? Compared to most of my shirts the 106-116 cm difference is comparable to jumping from a 38 neck to a 42, effectively ommiting a few very popular sizes.


Just out of interest, do you wear the ready to wear versions of this yourself or do you get Luca to make them up bespoke for a little more? If the former – do you think Luca could make them bespoke if asked?


Last time I saw Luca, he said he wasn’t making them bespoke any more as the material didn’t really give a fit that justified bespoke. FWIW I have both and haven’t really noticed a huge difference in fit between them


Where is that beautiful light brown jacket in the second photo from? Any ideas on the cloth if it’s bespoke?


Can you please advise who made the gentleman’s herringbone jacket in the first shot ?


Hi Simon,

Relatively new reader, and hoped you might be able to help? I picked up a wonderful DB jacket at the crisis pop up today – but it’s completely lacking in tags, labels etc. Tom and the team indicated it was bespoke – is there anyway to find out the house/fabric etc?


Nothing at all, and not even what would appear to be a stub where one has been cut. I thought it would be a long shot, but I’m so fond of the fit (barring button placement and sleeve length) someone out there has a near perfect pattern!


As I feared. Not to worry, and hoping they do it again! An incredible amount raised for a good cause.

Richard W

Hi Simon,
After missing out on the last two runs I have managed to order one of the PS polos in navy. Looking forward to receiving it, and fingers crossed it arrives before we head off for Christmas.
Enjoy the festive season and I look forward to reading more wonderful reviews in 2019!

Rafael Ebron

I’ve got L and XL in Orlebar Brown polos (short sleeve), wondering if the sizing is similar.


Whitcomb & Shaftesbury’s atelier? An atelier is a private workshop of an haute-couture (mainly French) fashion designer. As W&S make in India, isn’t French, nor haute-couture it doesn’t have an atelier of any description.


I’ve found out of all my 6 Friday polos, the darker ones tend to fade quite a bit in the placket compared to anywhere else. I don’t really mind it as it gives a nice patina, but it does for me limit the life span in terms of wearing it with non casual tailoring. Any insight as to how (if at all) the new placket changes this?


Indeed the white remains the smartest choice and also shows no sign of wear compared to the rest.
I really enjoy the fading though. The brown and green in particular goes great under a brown jacket with jeans on weekends.


Hi Simon
First of all – Happy Christmas and congratulations on the transition of PS becoming your permanent focus. I thoroughly enjoy and learn from your work.
Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere (I promise I have looked but may have missed it!) – but may i ask: Could you highlight the key differences between the latest batch of PS Friday Polos and the Luca Avitabile equivalent? I’m most keen to understand which of them has the “higher” collar.
Thanks in advance for your time.


Thanks Simon – much appreciated.


Is there any chance of the long sleeved, one button collar version of the polo returning this spring?




Is the intention now to keep a relatively permanent (no pun intended etc.) stock of Friday polos in the online shop? I’m am set on getting two or three for the summer, but wanted to know if I should definitely buy now or risk missing our or if I should have confidence that, come March/April or so, there will be a full range of sizes in stock.

All best


Many thanks



Simon, Are there any Friday polos available to buy (or at least try on) at the pop up this week?


Dear Simon

Im a 176cm skinny guy with chest 90cm, shoulder 42cm, waist 80cm, may i know the size s (Friday Polo) would be too small for me ?

As the yoke of the polo is 40cm, but the chest is over 100cm, and the sleeve just 61cm, it seem a little bit weird on the size, look like fit to women more than men


Dear Simon

Thank you for the reply, actually i own a luca faloni polo, their xs size is 43cm on shoulder, and chest 100cm, at that case, it still big for me

So do you mean the shoulder is not a important part for the fit, instead, chest is more important?

one more question, how to measure the sleeve length, should i use my shirt sleeve length for reference?


Hi Simon, thanks for the information

for my case, shoulder 42.5cm, chest 90cm, i should pick size S or Size M?


Hi Simon
Thank you very much
I have a well fit polo from Aigle, the yoke from the polo is 42cm and the chest only 96cm

That’s why it is hard for me to choose size s and size m

For me, I also own a Luca Faloni and a Luca Avitabile polo

Luca Faloni size Xs with chest 100cm and shoulder 43 cm, which a bit large for me, especially the chest

Original Luca Avitabile size s with chest 96cm shoulder 40cm, sleeve 60cm, it is good fit for me on the chest, not too tight,not too loose, however, since the shoulder is only 40cm, thus, sleeves become shorter, as part of them leave on the shoulder.

And also considering the mto service on Luca Avitabile , if the size from here is not fit to me


I’m clearly late to this, as the L in both Navy and white seems to have sold out. Any chance of them being re-stocked soon?


Thank you for the reply Simon. I’ll give the lightweight version a try.


Dear Simon

I have ordered a Grey Friday Polo from your shop, it is nice (on June)

And i have ordered a White Friday Polo from Luca Avitabile too (on May)

I found that there is so different in terms of the fabric

The one from Luca Avitabile is lighter, softer
The one from your shop is thicker

May i know is it normal? or the one from their shop is the lightweight version?


Hi Simon, just wondering what plans there are for restocking Friday Polos, and any new colours? Many thanks.


Simon – what’s your advice on washing the polos?


Simon, I am looking for such a polo shirt but with a classic (french) shirt collar rather than a spread collar. Is that something you plan to release at some stage (I could wait) or alternatively know of some RtW brands that make such style?


Can the navy Friday polo be made available as a cloth Simon?


Simon – can you indicate when the next batch of the Friday Polo will be available?
Also, it seems that the shown measurements on your shop compared to those on Luca Avitabile’s website differ to some extent: e.g. for the M sized shirt, the shoulder is 46cm compared to 44cm.

By the way, I have bought the grey Dartmoor sweater a couple of weeks ago and I am really satisfied with the level of detail and the quality.



Do you recommend styling these shirts, which are inherently casual, with a more structured English-style cut (drape or otherwise)? I could see them working with that cut, assuming a versatile material (e.g., one of your Escorial cloths, a tweed, or a donegal). As always, thank you for your patience and insights.