I’ve just been told that the cloth pictured, a grey cashmere from W Bill, has sold out as a result of being featured on this blog. Popping down to Graham Browne I saw two jackets in it basted and ready for a fitting, and one gentleman that had to be turned down. So apologies to those that have missed out – I’ll post any updates from W Bill here.
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And a beautiful jacket it was – I understand the desire from other for that fabric.

I am thinking of having the same type of jacket made, but in a dark green. Being a novice, I have a hard time describing the fabric. Is it a herringbone, or what is it? Any help would be most appreciated.

Sam Harvey

amazing fabric indeed! the button looks quite nice with it as well!


Dear Mr. Crompton, do you have any idea if this cloth is back again?
Also, how has your jacket worn after all these months? Can you still recommend the fabric?
I guess you had this made as a summer jacket, right? As you write “open weave” I would think spring and summer, but cashmere makes me think of winter. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.