It’s depressing to see what men wear on hot days. Baggy shorts, ill-fitting polo shirts and logo-plastered T-shirts. But then it’s also hard to find smart, tailored clothes suitable for high temperatures. One often overlooked option is a long-sleeved polo shirt, such as the one pictured above from John Smedley. Al Bazar in Milan also does a great sportier option with Guy Rover, both retailing for just over £100.

A long-sleeved polo shirt is cooler than most shirts, with its open weave, but is smart enough to wear under casual, unlined jackets. Without a jacket, the sleeves can be rolled up just like a shirt to be more casual and cooler. Models like those from Smedley and Al Bazar are more fitted than a normal polo shirt, making them more suited to tailored trousers or shorts. The same goes for their finer fibres and even finish around the bottom.

T-shirts suit few men. A collar is more flattering on the neck and lengthens the torso. Long sleeves are smarter, cleaner and more stylish – as anyone who has seen colleagues in short-sleeved shirts will attest. Wear them with slim-fitting chinos and an unstructured cashmere blazer. Or tailored shorts. For chinos, I particularly recommend Incotex’s lightweight line, as stocked by Trunk Clothiers.