At last, after many rounds of correspondence by email, Hugo and I had a chance to meet at Anderson & Sheppard last week. Hugo was over in London for a couple of days, touring the Savile Row houses for the purposes of his own excellent blog Parisian Gentleman.

Contrary to appearances, Hugo and I are not preparing to engage in a passionate embrace. We are merely inspecting the make of our two suits – his from Cifonelli and mine Anderson & Sheppard. Indeed, he was wearing Corthay and myself Cleverley shoes: it was full Anglo-French warfare.

Good to see you Hugo, and we look forward to reading about your adventures on the blog.

Photography, the inestimable Andy Barnham
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Carmelo Pugliatti

And the winner is….
Anderson & Sheppard.

Alexander Roch

According a previous article of M. Simon,
I’d to underline that the Cifonelli’s cut is truly more elegant than A&S’s one.
Italians win again.


FYI, Cifonelli is French not Italian.


Give me the A&S shoulders and silhouette any day.