Not much of an excuse to post this, except to celebrate being on holiday.

The nearest I can get is the Rapha gear, which is performing very well. There is some geeky satisfaction in demonstrating that wool (mix, jersey) and leather (shoes) perform better than synthetics even up the Mallorca mountains.

Some good shoemakers down here too – Carmina (good bench made product) and Norman Vilalta (bespoke, ex-Stefano Bemer). Mallorca is a leather hub, shoes in particular.

Still posting with Wi-Fi, so don’t worry there will be no interruption in the service.

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Is that the road running up from Soller? That is one steep hill!

Noel Disbury

what bike are you using?
something equal to your sartorial knowledge i hope 🙂


As much as I would pimp Rapha for off the bike wear – you should really think about Assos [especially their shorts]. It will blow your mind…

Keep the shiny side up 😉


Hi Simon,
Have a good time!

Tim Ferguson

What, I wonder, is the connection between an interest in traditional menswear and an interest in road cycling? It seems no sooner have I followed a blogger I like than I see him kitted out in Rapha, dancing on the old pedals. Before I knew what a menswear blog was, I thought I was the only one, and now I find I’m almost a cliché. Oh, well, I guess this means I have to give in and try the Rapha.

Tim Ferguson

By the way, you might enjoy the vintage-style wool kit at . I’ve given up on anything made of unblended merino, as the moths out here devour it before you can get it out of the box. But you might have better luck. I have several pieces, and they were a joy before they were eaten whole. Enjoy your holiday!


That’s funny! We’ve relaxed a week ago in that bay close to Cap Formentor you show on your second picture.
I recommend also the Lotusse Outlet in Inca. The shoes are not the same quality level as Carmina but still a good purchase.

Enjoy your time on that lovely island!