I’m a new reader of your blog, and I must say I’m enjoying it thoroughly. As I read it, I realised that I had a question I haven’t found a good answer to and it’s been bothering me no end: what is the best way to store one’s pocket squares? I tend to fold them loosely then roll them up, but this can often lead to an unsightly crease or fold line that I feel obligated to hide. Surely there must be a better way!

Thank you,


Hi Ben,

Cotton or linen handkerchiefs should just be folded into quarters and kept in a draw. Nothing untoward needs to be done to them, but probably best not to roll them up.

Silk handkerchiefs can be kept folded loosely in the same way, but they are also very versatile and can be stuffed somewhere or even tied into a knot to help keep them secure. They will develop creases this way but these are usually fairly minor and won’t be seen when the hank is stuffed into the pocket anyway.

I keep my silk handkerchiefs tied and stored in a large glass jar. It makes a nice decoration and you can see pretty much all the handkerchiefs at once, just by turning it around. It was inspired by a similar display I saw at the Etro store in Milan once. Etro makes lovely handkerchiefs, too.

Hope that helps


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the idler of march

I actually think that the best advice which can be given as to clothes or in this case small square pieces of fabric is to relax and enjoy them. Lots of people get hung up over their maintenance, which is understandable if one has invested a G in a nice suit, but when it comes to appreciation of the clothes and general piece of mind I think its sanest to go with the simple rules of hanging stuff up, ensuring it is free of human or animal excrement and then taking pleasure from wearing it. If you fret too much about your clothes then that’s going to show through one way or another and you’re not going to pull them off so well. Otherwise you might be afraid of climbing trees or fishing for minnows and other such wholesome pursuits.

In the case of pocket squares, unless you’re wearing them in a highly regular fold, they just get messed up anyway (the fluff and plop method or whatever you call it is pretty much the ideal way to crease them), so just roll with the creases a little. The chances are that you will be the only one to notice.

the idler of march

Yes, I completely agree with shoes. Once you have them to a high shine it is relatively easy to maintain it, so long as you don’t leave it too long and lose it entirely.

Do you find that brushing suits helps? I know plenty of people do it so I guess it must have logic to it, but I don’t ever notice any difference. I tend to get suits dry cleaned once a year anyway, when they’re going out of season.


This is a great question, and one I think of every time I put one away in a very disorganized manner. Thanks for your answer. I’m not sure what you mean when you refer to a “knot.” You mean you just take two of the corners and tie a regular knot?

G.M. Norton

An excellent question and most interesting responses. I agree, when it comes to worrying about creases and what not, splendidly louche is the way forward. I’m quite a fan of the varied ways of folding a pocket square, it adds a bit of variety to the proceedings.

Gerald Oliver Jr.

Good Evening,
Please allow me to say that your website has helped me so much in my sartorial journey.

I wanted to inquire about tie bars. I have read many places that wearing it properly is to wear it “slanted” or on an angle, vice straight across the tie. Personally I understand that it brings personality to the ensemble, it just seems to be off to me. can you provide some guidance if at all possible? thank you for your time.


Gerald Oliver Jr.

I see. how is it viewed as unusual?

John S.


Setting aside the question of their merit, do you have any recommendations for cotton handkerchiefs that are for BLOW and not for SHOW. I used to stock up at Pink when they would go on sale, but they’ve stopped carrying them. All the options I google either look horrible or look like they would fell horrible.



Lots of people sell them at antique mall in good condition for only a couple of dollars


Shibumi have some really nice ones.