Where do you work?

I work at Anderson and Sheppard as an apprentice coat cutter. I’ve been there for just under two and a half years.

How did you get into bespoke?

From a young age I developed a strong interest in the details that come together to make true style. As a child I was fascinated by watching my dad tie a particular tie knot, and the way he dressed for work.

What do you like about Savile Row?

I love the sense of history – the knowledge that the world’s most stylish men have graced these pavements.

Describe your style

My style is fairly reserved and conservative. I prefer my cut to be typical Anderson and Sheppard: a fuller chest and gentle shape, though with a slightly slimmer leg. I like simplicity; a single-breasted grey or blue suit with a white shirt and a dark tie is what you will find me in most of the time.

What’s your favourite style aspect of a suit?

Its a combination of all the small details that create a final look. Balance and proportion are key. Lapel width, gorge and coat length should all compliment the wearer.

What’s your favourite cloth and why?

The mid-grey flannel from Fox Flannels. I think every man should own a grey flannel suit and experience its effortless charm.

What’s your favourite piece of tailoring you own?

My grey flannel suit.

What tailoring are you going to make yourself next?

This is a tough one, but probably a single-breasted navy hopsack in a 12/13oz weight. The detail of the weave has more interest than a typical serge and it hangs beautifully.  

Ollie, third from left, with John Hitchcock and other A&S apprentices

What’s your favourite accessory?

I have a beautiful pair of Trickers penny loafers that come out on special occasions. The colour is described as espresso and is a wonderful shade.

What do you wear at the weekend?

I lead a pretty active lifestyle outside of work and I tend to be fairly casual: a pair of vintage Levi’s, some Superga 1705’s, a plain t-shirt and my wool baseball jacket from House of Billiam.

Levi’s are made well and get better as they age, and the Supergas are such a clean shape. The tee and the baseball jacket are my nods to 50s Americana, which is my favourite era for its simplicity of style.

What designer brands do you like?

I particularly like brands such as APC and Our Legacy who work with elements such as design and cloth, found in traditional tailoring, for a modern audience.

What high street brands do you like?

I think Uniqlo is good, particularly for knitwear. There is a really good choice of colours, and the prices are very accessible.

What’s top of your clothing wish list?

A classic Burberry trench coat for Spring and a WM J Mills cargo bag.

What blogs or websites do you read?

Permanent Style, The Selby and The Sartorialist. 

Read about Ollie’s work at Anderson & Sheppard on The Notebook
Pictures: Anderson & Sheppard/Andy Barnham
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Terrific profile on Ollie Trenchard. He’s a wonderful addition to the Anderson and Sheppard staff, and I speak from personal experience. Earlier this year, I was in London for a fitting with A&S’s Mr. Hitchcock. When the clothing was almost ready, I came back for another fitting, but Mr. Hitchcock was on holiday. Not to worry…I was put in Mr. Trenchard’s able care. He handled the alterations professionally and with patience, and was very open to my suggestions. I hope he’s with A&S for decades to come–a first-rate asset to a legendary bespoke shop.



Here you provide a link to Fox Flannels, a site you have visited in the past. Perusing their website, I was intrigued by their Super Lightweight Flannel, weighing 220/250 grams. How would a flannel suit of this fabric fit in with your advice to ‘wear heavier suits’? Could you even recommend flannel at this weight?

Kind regards



What prices do a two piece and a three piece respectively start from at present at A&S (incl VAT)?