This week is blue-shirt week. Over the next three days I will post about three blue shirts made for me in recent months, by three different makers. Hopefully running the three together will make for some interesting comparisons.

They are all identical in style – spread collar, single cuff, placket-less front. Little things like the shape of the collar stand, however, lead to some surprising differences. And the levels of hand work vary substantially. Whether that matters to you is something I’ll be interested in hearing comments on.

On the other hand, I would suggest not spending too much time analysing the fit of the shirts. As anyone who has tried photographing himself in a suit will know, the 2D result usually reflects little of how the 3D piece actually fits. I realise they are needed for the sake of perspective, but I recommend giving little weight to them.

The shirts were made by Burgos of Madrid, Satriano Cinque of Naples and Segun Adelaja of London (top to bottom, above). All were my first shirts, the first two bespoke and the third made to measure. This may seem like a slightly unfair comparison, but given Adelaja’s MTM price (£240 and up) they deserve to be compared together.

We start, tomorrow, with Burgos.  

The three reviews are now complete. See them here:
Satriano Cinque
Segun Adelaja