It is perhaps understandable to assume that the new Anderson & Sheppard store on Clifford Street is expensive. Bespoke suits round the corner certainly aren’t cheap, while in Clifford Street the trousers are over £300 and you can pay £900 for a fur hat.
But the pricing is actually very reasonable, in my view (much like the bespoke suits). This is best illustrated by the cheaper items available: cotton handkerchiefs for £15, wool ties for £40, Shetland sweaters for £140 and lambswool cable knits for £140.

“We’re encouraging people to wear wool,” says Audie, who manages the shop and is always wonderfully stylish herself. “It has many advantages of cashmere, not least the price.”

The Clifford Street boutique is quickly becoming my favourite shop in London. I particularly recommend the wool/silk neckerchiefs as seen above (so much more modern than silk at the neck of a sweater or shirt) and the Shetland knitwear below, for its wonderful variety in colour and neat fit (size down and the fit is pretty slim, without the body or arms shortening too much).

For all those that care, I stopped working for Anderson & Sheppard last month, handing the Notebook over to staff internally. This is the objective opinion of a passionate customer.

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FrithStreet Post

An outstanding store. I recently bought two pairs of their trousers and at £370 per pair, they are good value. Beautifully styled, all the details thought through, and very well made.

Great range of products as well, I fear my bank account may be negatively affected by this store.


I agree, this place is fantastic. I’ve stopped in twice in the last six weeks while on business in London, and I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time on both occasions. Audie and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful; they are never pushy, but still make suggestions as to what you might enjoy, and honestly, every suggestion was right on. As a result, I went from window shopping to spending £800 over both visits with absolutely no regrets.

You make some great points about the affordability of their accessories, too. I bought a tie and a square there for far less than I would have paid across the street at Drake’s (though I do love Drake’s and by no means wish to suggest that their product is anything less than stellar), and just recently picked up a beautifully appointed shirt there.

Finally, aside from the quality of the goods, the space itself is quite beautiful and relaxing. I can not recommend this spot enough…if only there was something like this in New York…ah well.


Are the ties, scarves and hanks made by A&S or for A&S?


What do you mean: the trousers required a lot of work on the cuts? Do you mean the off the peg and outsourced trousers required extra supervision by A&S designers because the unnamed trouser manufacture was unaccustomed to cut the trousers in the measurements the Clifford Street satellite shop wants for RTW?


Dear Simon,

when I enquired about the country of manufacture of a jacket at Ede & Ravenscroft, Mr Bladen told me that Ede & Ravenscroft supervises everything, and do you really believe if you ask Mr Maloney at New & Lingwood about RTW jackets, he would say New & Lingwood lets their jackets be designed by someone else?


Dear Simon,

Yes, I have seen that expression for example on the Ede & Ravenscroft website in description of jackets, but to merely assert jackets are different from knitwear and trousers is, pardon me, trivial and requires further definition. I know many brands – House of Bruar, Cordings, PC&P seem to have almost identical RTW cord trousers, and within the same price range the various brands of trousers seem to have either of two styles – either British or Italian. Purdey’s cord trousers are constructed far more solid. Now N&L and Holland & Holland trouser prices have risen, but I don’t know if the cut and general quality is better. A&S price range seems still higher.


Hi Simon,

Wondering whether you could do a post on what to wear in the Spring at some point. I am aware that clothing changes with seasons and manufacturers have introduced their Spring/Summer lines already, even though the weather in Britan may be less than optimal at the present moment.

In particular, I was looking for casual jacket recommendations, as my quilted Barbour is now thoroughly out of season. I was thinking about a Harrington; would this be a good option? I am open to other recommendations too. Thanks.


If I had not been at the shop myself, this posting might read like an advertisement. But I fully agree to what the previous comments say. Audie is very knowledgeable and very service minded. Still I find the prices in general too high for the quality, even if one finds products with a more moderate price tag. For me the most noticeable about the shop is that one feels welcome immediately. I do not get that feeling in many places.

Ian A.

Yes the staff are very customer focussed in that store and are good at presenting their products and getting customers to try them on. (Unlike Edward Green who have a fantastic product but don’t offer the same quality of reception or attentiveness to unite a customer with the product they desire. The A&S staff were far more inventive when I went shopping for winter grey flannels. Sadly I drowned in fabric in the selection I tried on and the sales representative thought better than to pressure me to buy them. I bought some in Rubinacci instead! But I’d definitely go back in the off chance of finding my dream clothing item.


My last pair of trousers was made-to-measure, from a very well known (and Permanent-Style recommended) tailor. It fits perfectly, is in a cloth and style of my choosing, and cost all of £400.

Which leads me to ask – in what sense is £300+ for a pair of off-the-shelf trousers reasonable, let alone cheap?


Sir, I bought a very fine trouser, ‘Blue Anchor’ label, for £38.00 and I am wearing them even as I write. Now I call THAT excellent value.


Is that beautiful hat sold on Clifford Street? Would it be possible to reveal ist Price?


Excellent stuff


Dear mister Crompton
I’m an old fan of your blog,first thank you for all your very interesting articles,London tailors,Naples shirtmakers and many other.
Well , I was in London until last monday for a family trip and went on the row and just besides
at Anderson and Sheppard ,ama

Pieracci Stephan

During my familly trip last week ,I went three time in this wonderfull shop on clifford street ,I bought wonderfull shettlands sweaters with the very knowledge and friendly help of that great lady in all the sensse of this word,miss Audie Charles and her wonderfull staff ,the very nice Emily who is like a little ferrie taking care of an old troll,me, without forgetting the very sympatic Connor.
A magic place with magic peoples


But there’s no online shop, correct?
Why is wool/silk more modern than silk?


Dear Simon,

Thank you, Simon, I’ll study your other articles to discover why A&S need Signor Rota’s flexibility to manufacture RTW trousers. Keep up the good work – your article on the genesis of the Clifford satelite creations shed light on their origin which I want to know in order to be a more conscious customer!


Great website! A question, i am looking to replace my 20 yo made to measure Fox Bros flannels (too small), why would A + S rtw be better than a pair of made to measure, which would cost some £100 less. Fox Bros do a rtw pair of flannels, but alas not in my size. How do you think A + S’s tailoring would compare.


Nice shop, great choice, but no it is not cheap. Shetland sweaters now (2015) cost £195 and lambswool cable sweaters £165. At least we know Britain is not flirting with deflation.