It is perhaps understandable to assume that the new Anderson & Sheppard store on Clifford Street is expensive. Bespoke suits round the corner certainly aren’t cheap, while in Clifford Street the trousers are over £300 and you can pay £900 for a fur hat.
But the pricing is actually very reasonable, in my view (much like the bespoke suits). This is best illustrated by the cheaper items available: cotton handkerchiefs for £15, wool ties for £40, Shetland sweaters for £140 and lambswool cable knits for £140.

“We’re encouraging people to wear wool,” says Audie, who manages the shop and is always wonderfully stylish herself. “It has many advantages of cashmere, not least the price.”

The Clifford Street boutique is quickly becoming my favourite shop in London. I particularly recommend the wool/silk neckerchiefs as seen above (so much more modern than silk at the neck of a sweater or shirt) and the Shetland knitwear below, for its wonderful variety in colour and neat fit (size down and the fit is pretty slim, without the body or arms shortening too much).

For all those that care, I stopped working for Anderson & Sheppard last month, handing the Notebook over to staff internally. This is the objective opinion of a passionate customer.