Regular readers will be familiar with my Cufflink Project, which I launched last year with bespoke jeweller Diana Maynard.

I was frustrated at the lack of good cufflinks on the market – those with the same decoration on both sides, an easy method of inserting the link, a bar or chain that was short enough, and a subtle but sophisticated style.

The resulting cufflinks were wonderfully received, with dozens being sold through myself on Permanent Style and Kirby Allison’s The Hanger Project. I was grateful for the response and it has led to several collaborations since, including the recent slippers with La Portegna and a few more that will be coming soon.

I tend not to wear silver jewellery, as my wedding band and all my watches are gold. I have therefore had my cufflinks gold-plated – as you can see from the images here. It makes little difference with the pearl links, as the gold bar is largely hidden in the cuff. But the effect is striking on the smoky quartz, and it works well on the labradorite as well.

If anyone is in the same position as me and would like some gold versions from the Cufflink Project, they can be purchased by contacting me or Kirby at The Hanger Project.

Prices are:
  • Pearl links (grey, white and peacock) 9ct gold plated – £260
  • Cabochon links in either labradorite or (new) quartz – £356
  • Set of four pearl dress studs – £457   

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Dear Simon

I would like to buy the silver ones but I wonder if it is possible to buy them from the U.K instead of the US? The toll charges and probably also the shipping costs to Sweden would push the prices too mcuh if bought from the US.


Great, thank you Simon!