Drake’s, Edward Green and Mackintosh are having a sale this week at the new Drake’s factory – 3 Haberdasher Street (wonderfully), N1 6ED.

The days and times are: Wednesday, 10am-8pm; Thursday to Saturday, 12pm-7pm. We are promised discounts of up to 70%. It’s also a good excuse to see the nice new factory.
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A week before I’m travelling to London for the first time in ages. Sigh…

Jeffrey Mustafa

Could you please notify on your next sale and special offers
Regards jeff

Marco Pasetti

Dear Simon,
my name is Marco Pasetti, I’m 30 and I’m writing from Ferrara (Italy).

I have discovered your web site just a few months ago and I often question it when I have some “style doubts”. I really enjoy it!

Below I have some questions for you:

1) I’m planning to purchase a fine formal RTW Oxford shoes with £ 800 max budget.
I’d like to buy a product that can last over time (15 or 20 years) with appropriate maintenance.
Below I have listed companies (in order of my preferences) among which I will choose:

2nd JOHN LOBB Paris,
3rd ALDEN,
4th CROCKETT & JONES (Hand Grade only),
5th GRENSON (G One collection only).

a) I kown you love EG (me too) but what do you think about my ranking in terms of quality (quality to me means materials and manufacture)? Is it correct?

b) Which is your opinion about Grenson? because I didn’t find informations about Grenson on your web site.

c) Do you suggest to choose leather sole or rubber dainite sole (in models where I can choose)?

2) I’m planning to purchase a rubberised coat too. I’m undecided between Mackintosh and Hancock: in terms of quality (see above) and fitting (I prefer slim forms) which is your advice?
I hope you plan a visit to both of that companies.

I would very much appreciate any help.