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Hi Simon, would you mind if I ask what watch you’re wearing?


Thanks Simon. Excellent watch!


It’s nice to see the Brent Black in action, it looks great. One of my projects for next summer I think.

I was also going to ask about the watch but Mark beat me to it. Very nice.

– Julian


are those shorts or trousers?

Shaya Green

Love how the polo fits you. Good stuff, Simon.

Jerrell Whitehead

Simon, I thought your casual vacation attire would be linen head to toe!

I must add that the hat is a very nice touch.



Simon where do you go to for RTW alterations?


Sorry but that hat is clearly too big for you. Too much height in particular. Cute kid though.


A late (!) comment on this one; what shoes were you wearing? Shoes with shorts appears to be perpetual debate………………..any thoughts?


Agree – espadrilles for me. However, when you are walking around a city (I’m off to Rome with the kids for a few days) and expecting to cover good distances, do you think sneakers are permissable? Not sure the espadrilles will last the day out (or my feet inside them).


Yeah, sounds funny but shoes seem kinda hard to wear with shorts, that’s why I tend to avoid them and go instead for a pair of stylish leather sandals, which are ideal for shorts and much easier, as long as one takes care of their feet. Almost always, when it’s the bulk of summer. That’s because socks and shoes are not my favourite with shorts. Low cut loafers slip on are indeed comfortable too without socks, but once in a while feet don’t dry the best, no matter what, so I have to wear at least an ankle sock, otherwise goodbye loafer! 😀 At that point I choose dark colors, burgundy or striped ones. But it’s not my favourite look, more like a compromise.


Hi Simon, what colour is the frame of the sunglasses? Champagne with grey lense?

Is that Kinney model from Garret Leighton?

– Bobby


Thanks Simon. Great colour for summer.


I’m looking for some sort of very casual hat to wear at the beach. Do you wear your panama that casually? Anything else you would recommend? I’m getting tired of ball caps.


Nice hat. I am having a Brent Black hat being made right now. Looking forward to it especially after seeing yours.