Introducing: The short-sleeved Friday Polo

Wednesday, July 13th 2016
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Friday polo with caliendo suit

* For stock availability, please check the Shop page of the website*

A new iteration of our Friday Polo is available from today on the Permanent Style shop: a short-sleeved model for the summer. 

It is made in the same Caccioppoli piqué cotton as the long-sleeved polo, in two colours: our standard navy, and a slightly paler grey (which I personally prefer to the grey of the long sleeves). 

The short-sleeved polo has also been cut slightly shorter than the long-sleeve, with a squared off bottom edge. This means it could be worn untucked if desired, though it is still primarily designed to be worn tucked in, under a jacket or knitwear.

Friday Polo shoulder seam Friday Polo placket

Other than that - and the short sleeve of course - this is the same Friday Polo as has sold out continuously over the past two years. The same high, two-piece collar, the same hand-sewn details around the collar and sleevehead (supervised by Luca Avitabile in Naples), and the same great-value price.

It is available to buy on the shop now. Please state your preferred size and colour in the notes when you order.

(The Friday Polo continues to be below normal multiples, not have VAT added, and now benefits from a very depressed pound. Or rather readers benefit, I don't!)

navy polo shirt permanent style

Quite a few readers had requested a short-sleeved model over the past six months, and I'm glad to finally have it ready.

We spend a little time on the length and finish to the bottom edge, as well as the shape of the sleeve - which you will notice doesn't have the tight ribbing at the bottom, which I've never liked, preferring and simple turnback and stitch of the cloth itself. 

There will be more long-sleeved Friday Polos, but not until the Autumn. And we only have 100 of these short-sleeved models available, which I'm sure will go fast. 

Friday Polo grey

The Friday Polo is pictured here in two outfits - under my olive-coloured Caliendo cotton suit (full review of that next week) and under my navy hopsack double-breasted jacket (also Caliendo). 

I find this grey works particularly well under dark jackets, in a similar way to grey shirts I like and have worn from Luca and from Simone Abbarchi. It is a chic and casual alternative to the normal white or pale blue you'd expect under a jacket. 

The navy is very versatile, and I particularly like it tone-on-tone under a navy jacket. I'm pictured here discussing a new commission with Taka at Liverano & Liverano in Florence. 

Friday polo short sleeve navy

The details of the short-sleeved Friday Polo, and way to order, are:


  • Two colours available: Navy and Grey
  • Four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra-large (see table below for dimensions)
  • Price £150
  • Available solely through Permanent Style
  • Buy from the shop page here  


  • Postage is £9 in the UK, £11 in Europe and £16 anywhere else in the world
  • Packages sent by FedEx from Naples (tracking number available on request)
  • Returns and refunds available if the product is in a resellable condition, although we do not cover the cost of return postage

Friday Polo with cotton suit

Product details

  • Mid-weight Caccioppoli pique-cotton fabric
  • Hand cut and partly hand sewn, all in an atelier in Naples that makes for several big designer brands
  • Cutting and work overseen by Luca Avitabile, bespoke shirtmaker
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Stand collar, like a shirt, to help it sit under tailored jackets
  • Slots in the collar for shirt-stays
  • Squared off tail and front, but a touch longer than most polos
  • Shirts will not shrink when washed, but should expand slightly in the waist. Do wash cool and line dry


  • The shirts have a moderately slim fit
  • I am wearing a medium and have a 38-inch chest
  • If you are unsure about fit, we recommend comparing the measurements below to a polo shirt you currently own. They are in centimetres.


            Chest      Waist         Yoke        Sleeve length        Body

S           102             92                40                    20.5                       70

M          106            96                 44                    21.5                       71.5

L           116             106               47                     24                         73.5

XL        124            114                48                    24.5                       75


Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

navy polo shirt sartorial

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Just curious why Europe are getting a 20% discount (on top of the benefit of the collapsed pound)? May as well get them sent to our irish pad and reforwarded back to the UK to benefit from both aspects


Ahh ok, that isnt how it read to me so thanks for clarifying.

I know we are still in the EU but as per your own shipping costs most say UK, EU and RoW and thus imply the UK isnt the same as the rest of Europe.



Are you allowed to sell without charging VAT? Will we as purchasers be liable as aiding in VAT evasion. The revenue has become quite strictt regarding this in recent years.


Adam Jones

With the rate these are selling are you planning to keep them a permanent, regularly stocked fixture (short and long)

Adam Jones

Brilliant, so glad for these but i would probably wear un-tucked more than tucked. Not having the longest of body’s would you say the length on these will alter well. I have had a few polos altered before but the cut of them meant the balance and the shape was a bit off. A bit like when you alter the length on some jeans/ trousers too heavily.

Adam Jones

When you say should expand slightly in the waist, what about the chest too. I seem to be about 1 -1.5 cm to big for a medium and a large will be way too big. Luca did tell me last week they do stretch which is why he is avoiding doing them bespoke now, but if they only expand in the waist and not the chest a medium still maybe too close.

Adam jones

Thanks Simon, I have put in the order so we will see. One thing though when I was measuring you said in the article these are a little shorter, but the measurements seemed to be the same as on the long sleeve article.


I don’t believe you have amended the length yet? Can you tell me the length of the medium. Thanks


Do you know what watch Taka is wearing? JLC reverso classique?


Interesting looking jacket the young man in your picture is wearing.


Hi Simon

Both Caliendo jackets look absolutely superb as usual.
Can Luca make these polo shirts bespoke?
Many thanks


I had a couple made bespoke as I’m 6’4″ with long arms and the RTW wouldn’t have fitted. They’ve come out very nicely – probably a MTM is all that was needed but Luca’s bespoke price isn’t hugely more than the RTW price.


Another great offering Simon and I’m in agreement with you on the paler grey.

Apologies if this is covered elsehwere but could you let us know how the garments are measured? I only ask because I wanted to compare the measurements above to those of a John Smedley polo on their website and there are some large disparities which I guess are because they’ve measured in one way and you’ve measured in another (notably on sleeve length).

Thanks so much and congratulations on another superb collaboration.


You mentioned the higher collar on these polos, and am aware this is something Luca offers on his shirting. Is this your go to option (having a higher collar) and if so reason why? Stylistically the rationale?


I have been waiting for these and already my shirt of choice (navy xl) is gone. I can’t believe it!


I am an avid reader and just want to say thank you for all your recommendations. I am in the midst of commissioning a suit with Whitcomb & Shaftesbury at the moment (just met with them today in NYC), and had my second fitting today and was quite pleased so far.

I am very interesting in purchasing one of these polo’s as they would fill a void in my wardrobe, however I’m not sure what size I would be.
I wear a 52 in all my current Loro Piana polo’s ( they have a similar style polo to this), should I assume I am a L or XL? do they run slim?

Thank you!



Off-topic question if I may: of all the tailors you have tried so far, which one has provided the best fit on a first suit? Which tailor pays most attention to fit?

I would guess Cifonelli, but it would be interesting to know.



Hi Simon. Do you know when the shirts ship ?

Fred B

I own the long-sleeve shirt and I cannot recommend it highly enough–the cotton is beyond luxurious. Thank you Simon.

reuven lax

I finally received my first bespoke shirt from Luca. I’ve had a number of shirts made bespoke before in London, but this is something else. From the first time I put it on, it just feels better, feels more natural than any other shirt I own. There’s something immensely satisfying about wearing a garment like this – especially something as intimate as a shirt. I see what you’ve said about that collarband hugging the neck better. Even more – I can lift my arms to the ceiling and neither the cuffs nor the collar budge more than about a mm. And I can do this with the top two buttons open! Truly remarkable. Thanks for pitching Luca on your blog, and I’ll definitely be ordering more from him.

One question: in the past I’ve heard that quality shirts (especially bespoke) always have a split yoke. I must admit to never fully understanding the reasons given for this. Luca’s shirt does not have a split yoke, yet is perfectly comfortable. Is a split yoke actually necessary, or is yet another extraneous “symbol” of quality?

Rob Fletcher

Got mine yesterday Simon, just in time for the heatwave. Many many thanks. I love my two long sleeved ones. The short sleeved is as good. Great fit. Perfect length. Absolutely love the collar on a short sleeved polo. Superb. Very pleased. Only one plea. More colours please!! White for sure. Red anyone?

Gohar Raja

Dear Simon

Polo’s look very nice , like the high collar, one thing though how about extending the sleeve length a little more?

How do you think D’Avino would do making a polo shirt as I know you have used them in the past?

Keep up the good work.




Thanks Simon,

Just taken delivery of my short sleeved polo and so pleased it has the same quality as the long sleeved version. I look forward to the Autumn release of more Friday polos and the opportunity to get a long sleeve in navy. Keep up the great work.

Adam Jones

Are these coming back any time soon?? I love my Navy one and have been wearing as a casual polo (not its intended use but oh well) and it is not too long that it looks silly un-tucked. Wish I had got one of each colour. The only downside for me is the slightly high collar, but i appreciate this is for it to work well with a jacket… Maybe a “Saturday polo” is called for too. !


Hi Simon.
Just got my first short sleeve. I also have a couple of the 2015 editions of the long sleeves. When I compare the two collar type it seems that the new ones have a higher and more stiff collar than the 2015 editions of the long sleeve that are a bit lower and more soft.

Why the change?


Hi Simon.

Thanks for the answer.

I have done a bit of measuring of the collar.
Old: 85 mm
New: 94 mm
All size M
So at least the versions I have are a bit different (dont think that 20 degree washing or dry cleaning have shrunk them almost 9 mm)

It is a very good point regarding softness that time probably will change it.

Happy about the shirts and always get postive comments.



Hi Simon, excuse me for blowing off the dust on this thread. Since this item isn’t available anymore. Is there something rtw that comes close as an alternative?