The growth of men’s bags as a sector is quite incredible. Menswear as a whole has outstripped women’s clothing for a few years now, as we’ve accepted the idea of buying better clothes and wearing them better. But while it grew 15% worldwide last year, men’s bags grew 25%.

There are many reasons for this, including the growth of tablets and mobile working, the investment of luxury brands in the area, and the relative ease of launching a leather-goods company.

You can read my thoughts on the sector, including an interview with Alessandro Sartori of Berluti  and mentions of my two favourite start-ups – J Panther and Troubadour – in my latest article for the Financial Times weekend edition. 

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My favorite part by far was that Jason Statham commissioned a $24,000 crocodile man bag.

If a dude with as macho a profile as The Transporter is getting them, perhaps it’s all right for the man on the street to get a proper man bag.

Matt Spaiser

A great bag is exactly what I need! Your article on how to buy a leather bag on a budget is especially helpful.


Hi Simon, I was wondering what your thoughts were on the Anya Hindmarch – Dylan Jones bag. It’s a fabulous looking bag although I’m leaning more towards purchasing the J. Panther Courier Ruc Case. Thanks you for your fascinating and highly informative blog. Keep up the good work.


Anya! Much better looking, and J Panthers zips (whilst good quality) look very tacky and generally arent quite as nice. Is Mr Crompton predisposed to Panther as a friend though?
Also Hindmarch bags are British!


Cant blame you for bias then, a fair review!

My Outfit

Love a man bag! Good point about the popularity of the tablet linking to the growth in men’s bags sales.


Hi Simon,
I would like to finally retire my very elderly black attache case.
I am hoping to purchase a new hard sided attache case when I visit London next July. My first question is which brands should I consider?I have thought about Ettinger, Swaine, Adeney Brigg, and Fosters, as well as Cleverley and Aspinall.
My second, more perplexing question is what colour to choose? My work requires me to wear a suit most days. I would wear black shoes four days a week. I like the idea of getting a brown case, so it will develop the delightful patina of age that you have written about on many occasions, but many authorities would suggest I should buy a black case. Should I go back to black?

George Hill

Read your article after looking for a new stylish bag for work myself and you have mentioned some great designers that I will look into. Do you know of any brands that are made out of extremely long-lasting leather?


Hi Simon,

I am getting crazy about always needing to carry my phone and keys in my hands. On top of that I also always need to carry two pens and a small bag (size of two fists) with needles and a glucose meter as I am a type 1 diabetic.

This bugs me, not only when I am going to the office, but even more so when I am just out and about in casual situations (city strolling or walk in the forest).

What kind of solution would you suggest for this? A folio? Or a bag? And how to keep it more casual?

Thanks in advance,