St Crispin's shoe dainite sole
A picture post for Thursday afternoon. I love the shape that Phillip at St Crispin’s has got into the waist of this Dainite sole. 

Phillip has been taking orders at Drake’s for his St Crispin’s shoes this week. Don’t worry if you missed him; he’ll be back again soon. Keep an eye on Drake’s Diary for details.

Photo: Luke Carby

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Matt Spaiser

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do this with a Dainite sole. Very interesting.

Juan Manuel

Hello Simon.

Is nice the way they worked the Dainite sole, but when trying to make a slimmer waist they have touched one of the stud holes. When the sole touches the floor it will show a hole.


Hello Simon,

I know that shorter lengths for jackets today are popular, but in your opinion, how long should a suit jacket be?

Should it completely cover the man’s butt? Thanks