Readers will be familiar with the points about Cleverley and Russian reindeer in the above, but there is some nice footage of the closing on Cleverleys, and the technique of making a wood-framed box. 

The Robert Simpson factory is one of only a handful of leather workshops left in London – you can see my coverage of it back in 2011 here (it makes for Tanner Krolle amongst others, though is now owned by William & Son since the passing of Robert Simpson). 

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THE London shoe maker I was in the arcade yesterday and the shoes are truly beautiful I personally have my eye on the De Rede and Matthew the chiseled toe is exquisite.
Who would you chose between them and g&g simon


Sorry to post off subject Simon, but I just wanted to comment on some fabulous service from ‘A Fine Pair of Shoes’ who delivered my order this morning. The order was sent quickly, well packed and the product surpassed my expectations. Indeed, since I started following your blog I have bought online from Drakes, Pediwear, Mes Chaussettes Rouges, Exquisite Trimmings and at Crockett & Jones in Jermyn Street – all have been fantastic!

Tim Hardy

A truly wonderful piece. lovely to see these craftsmen demonstrating their trade just a pity we can convey the smell and atmosphere of the place via your page eh?
I had quite a lot of dealings with several similar London outlets and have fond memories of going behind the scenes.
I wonder if I stick at it for long enough, I may get to their level one day?
Kind regards and thanks again,


Hi Simon,
I appreciate this opportunity to have a a quick look into this world of highly skilled craftsmen.

Shaya Green

Very sad to hear the news that Robert Simpson passed away. I met him a few times and he was a true gentleman. When did this happen?