UPDATE: Bram is now offering free shipping for all orders of three socks or more, which include one Diamond Rib pair (our design above). Go through to checkout on the store and the shipping charge will be removed  

We had such a lovely response to the Perfect Socks collaboration with William Abraham that launched in December. Of the 100 pairs, only a few are left, and those in the more extreme sizes. Thank you everyone – it means a lot, particularly with such a different and high-priced product. 

When Bram and I saw the response in that first week, we immediately put in an order for two more colours – in blue and brown. I’m glad to say those two are now available on the William Abraham site, to ship today, and Permanent Style readers have exclusive access to them at the links above. The new colours will be opened up more generally in a couple of weeks.

I’d describe the two colours as indigo-blue (a touch of red in there, subtle alternative colour with navy suits) and spice brown (slightly pale, nice with odd trousers – green, brown or cream). 


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Rob O

It’s a shame that your UK readers could not participate in this collaboration, I really like those green socks.

Rob O

Yes it would, thanks Simon.

Rob O

Would you say these are superior socks to the Mazarin cashmere-silk examples advertised by one of your sponsors?


Hi Simon
Happy new year.
The colour of these socks are stunning. Well done.
Have you considered collaborating with someone like Bresciani to bring out the same design and colour at a more affordable price as WA is simply too expensive? After all Bresciani is considered to be one of the best sock makers in the world. Oh, and it would be great if they did mail order as again (like Merola Gloves), to find them is like looking for hens teeth!


Hi Simon,
What material is better for socks in your opinion, wool or cotton?


I share your view on 99% cotton socks and have bought Pantherella in extra large sizes (I believe labeled size 13-15 US) that comfortably fit my US size 14 foot. I particularly like the somewhat thicker cotton rather than the very thin. Sizes in this size now are virtually impossible to obtain, and my purveyor in the USA seems to have gone out of business. What do you suggest?


They do not. Quel dommage.