George Glasgow senior with Tony Gaziano Simon Crompton with Andrew Ramroop and Pierre Legrange

Dominic Sebag-Montefiore of Edward Sexton







A quick reminder that we use Instagram for photo updates on events – such as Pitti Uomo this week – alongside posting old shots for the new Insta audience. 

If you want updates and diary-type shots of our events, follow us @permanentstylelondon. Above are a few shots from the recent Rake party to open LC:M – definitely the best party of the year.

In other news, our Tailoring Symposium this Wednesday is full up, so apologies to those that didn’t make it. We do have a handful of places still for the London launch of our book next week, however, so let me know if you’d like to come along to that and get a book signed.  

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Smashing tie there, Simon. Details?

Shame about Andrew Ramroop’s matching tie/square/contrast button-hole.

Judging by the pics, looks like fun was had by all.


How refreshing to see so many men looking elegant in smart ties and sharp tailoring! There’s hope yet.

Nick Inkster

I recognise Andrew and Edward, but who others?


Simon, could you please comment a bit on some of the details of your and others’ personal style on your blog, i.e. reasons behind some peculiar affectations. For example, I noticed you almost always do a four-in-hand knot and never loosen the tie or undo the top shirt button, and you and many other guys e.g. on Pitti have the narrower end of the tie sticking out to be visible and also extend below the wider part visibly. I also noticed plenty of short trouser legs showing calfs and socks. What would be the reasons behind these ‘unorthodox’ moves, i.e. is there a ‘spezzatura’ message or something similar? I’d appreciate a blog post on such stuff at certain point if you have that in mind, sure many others would like to read it as well. Thanks!