Friday polo shirt

God, there’s so much going on I feel like I need one of these posts every week. 

Thank you to everyone that has emailed asking about the dedicated copies of The Finest Menswear in the World. There has been a slight delay getting these from the warehouse, but we should have them all next week. I will be in contact with everyone by email about payment as they come in. 

The books will also be available at our launch party tomorrow, and I will be there to sign or dedicate copies. So do come and get one there if you want. 

Thank you also to those asking about our Friday Polo shirts, which we introduced with Luca Avitabile back in July. The second run of these will be available on September 28, in two weeks’ time. The same range of colours will be available as before, although we are only doing the half-button style as it was so much more popular than the button-through. 

If you’d like to ensure you don’t miss out on the polo shirts, you can pre-order any time by emailing me

Thanks, and see everyone tomorrow at the launch.