Viccel socks

For the past month I have been testing Viccel socks, a Turkish manufacturer that pretty much only sells through its own website. If they tested well, I hoped Viccel would be a good value alternative for over-the-calf hosiery.

There are several good sock manufacturers out there, mostly in England, France and Italy. I’ve covered many of them over the years, and am particularly fond of Bresciani. But they all sell over-the-calf at around the same price – £15-£25.

That’s a lot for a pair of socks, particularly if you just want basic cotton in basic colours (navy, grey, green, burgundy). Viccel’s cotton starts around £9 or $12.

A large part of the Viccel range is heavy cotton (60/2 yarn gauge – 60 kilometres of 2-ply cotton in a kilo of yarn) and I was initially put off by that. But there is also a good cotton dress-sock and patterned dress-sock range, which is 70/2 and not far off the 90/2 or 100/2 used by some of the top-end makers. (I didn’t test the merino or merino/silk mix.)

Does that difference in yarn gauge matter? I don’t think so. I noticed no difference in the coolness or comfort. I think it’s rather like a hand finishing on a shirt – nice if you like the best of everything, but not really required in a wardrobe basic.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 16.12.09

The socks were also quite long and, at first, quite slippery. The slipperiness disappeared after a wash or two, so not problem, but they didn’t shrink so some remain quite long (and I’m six-foot tall). Having them slightly long is better than being slightly short, and slipping down, but still not ideal.

The Viccel styles also tend to have a large section of ribbing – a good three or four inches – at the top of the sock. This keeps them tight and stops any chance of slipping, again, but I found some too tight in that area.

Still, I feel I’m looking for things on the negative side, because overall Viccel performed very well. Comfortable, breathable, with a nice look and feel and some interesting designs. They have also lasted well – in the past month I have deliberately worn and washed one pair 10 times, with no visible effect on the colour or cloth.

If anyone is getting into classic menswear and needs to fill up on over-the-calf socks, I would recommend trying Viccel. You can order from their website at

Details for those that want them:

  • Needle count ranges from 88 to 200 needles
  • Staple length of the cotton is 30.16 mm-31.75 mm (Giza 80)
  • Egyptian mercerised cotton
  • Viccel makes for a few private-label brands, but only a few. It represents about 20% of production.
  • They don’t sell through any retailers, merely their own site, to keep prices down.

P.S. I do hope no one objects to over-the-calf socks. They are the only choice for anyone that takes hosiery seriously….

Viccel socks2

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Have you used the brand The London Socks Company before?


Known and used Viccel for a while now for beater socks – very good value.

My quibbles mirror Simon’s and their website looks like it was designed in the dark-ages. In addition, there isn’t much non-cotton variety (i don’t wear cotton hose), which is why i also give my patronage to other hose makers.

That being said, highly recommended.

Kemal Onyurt

finally updated web page 🙂 please visit new page


Dear Simon,

I follow your blog regularly and have taken to over-the-calf socks after your numerous entries on them.

Having purchased a few, I find that the inside of my pants occasionally catches a part of the sock, usually around the calf area. This happens when standing up from a sitting position, with the effect of my having to subtly “shake” my pant leg free from the socks. I was wondering if this is an issue that you or fellow readers have encountered with over-the-calves before? Thank you, Simon.


Another effect is baggy knees from sitting all day. The trouser leg is stretching over the knee since the fabric is caught by the sock.


I will definitely start doing that too.


I agree that over-the calf is the only sustainable way to go with hosiery, however I also have the problem with them getting caught in the trousers. Not nice. Slim trousers is obviously a problem. What works best for me is heavier cloth.

Adam Jones

I cant see how anyone can object to over the calf sock.. i actually enjoy wearing them especially Bresciani and mazarin . I don’t wear very often however as my trouser legs seem to get caught on them quite a bit – not a good look. large calf’s and slim (not skinny) trousers tend to exacerbate that however. i dont know if anyone else had that same issue.

Also on the London Sock company, i do get them myself as i got a subscription as a gift (and you can select what you get if you want, not always a surprise) but once you have a few grey, a few navy and the odd burgundy there is not much to keep you going. unless you like bright orange socks. They have held up very well under a lot of wear and washing though.


To co-sign Simon, have your trews cut a bit fuller from the knee.It doesn’t have to be oxford bags; but this au courant jeggings look does little favours for anyone


Does anyone have a recommendation for decent ‘under-the-calf’ socks?


Simon, Viccel lists several weights of dress sock. I’m presuming that you tried that summer weight?


Hi Simon

Another off topic question! Can you recommend any retailers that sell slim fitting cashmere sweaters? I’ve tried N Peal. Unfortunately, whilst the body was fine, the arms were too short and the arm hole too large. I know in the past, you’ve suggested Anderson & Shepperd. Are there any others?

Thanks in advance.


facebook_Edward Rising.790775634

Regarding the off topic request for slim fitting cashmere sweaters. I don’t know if anyone has tried ? He is passionate about sourcing the best quality. I don’t have any of his sweaters but I do have one of his linen shirts which is the best off-the-peg shirt I have ever worn! I’d be interested in knowing if Simon has any experience.

Mark E. Seitelman

I found Viccel socks to be substandard.

The length was too long. It came over my knee. And I am almost 6 feet tall. The quality was low. I think that the socks last only a couple of wearings.

As far as prices are concerned, a customer is better served buying standard socks when at sale at Brooks Brothers and Saks Fifth Avenue.

I did not find the lower pricing to be worth the lower quality.

Mark E. Seitelman


had the same experience as mark. ordered three pairs and had holes in all of them a month later.


Hi Simon,
Funnily enough, I was thinking of socks this morning!!!
As to basics, how do you find Pantherella’s socks?

John J Blackwood

Simon…I am surprised that you are 6′ tall. I would have guessed at least 6′ 2”. It is proof that perfectly tailored, elegant clothes will make a man appear taller. All the best, John.


Z and Adam, have the exact same issue with over-the-calf socks. I don’t think my trousers are particularly slim-legged, although I do have cyclists’ calves. Either way, I’ve finally given up on them and accepted that I will sometimes show a little leg when sitting down. Much better than bending over to pull down my trouser legs every time I stand up.

Vincent Chow

I have exactly the same problem since starting to wear OTC socks. The next pair of trousers I commission will have full lining

David Man

Adam Jones – I still use The London Socks Company (pause my subscription each year after getting 9 pairs or so in 3 months) They have a lot more choices now and different patterns.
Simon – Given you can decide what socks to have, and when to pause the subscription, I find the service to be very good.
Regardless, the point was really to see if you thought the quality was just as good as Viccel or Bresciani, or if they were significantly inferior. If there was a huge gap, then I was keen to try them out to see how much better they were since the price point is similar.


Unfortunately I found Viccel socks to be not very nice, used them a few years back. They developed holes after a handful of wears, almost regardless of thickness of fabric.
On the other hand, I have and have had socks from Pantherella and Bresciani as well, and while more durable, some of these socks have developed holes within maybe 20 wears.
Bad luck or bad feet?

Andreas Nestor

Concerning the difference between cotton and wool socks? What do you prefer?

I tend to become much more sweaty in cotton socks, althought the wool socks are more prone to getting stains from the shoes.

What’s your preference Simon and in what situations?

facebook_Kemal Onyurt.10153576619114473

As Viccel, since 2009 we have listening our customer and with our customer’s comment we keep improving our product and product range too (we started with short cotton lisle socks and now we have different weight of cotton, merino and wool-silk blended socks).
Customers’ happiness and health are the key points for us, sometimes there can be issues in few orders but we as Viccel are behind what we produce and try to solve issues to go on socks business with thousands of happy customers around the world.

Nick Ashley

Thank god for the mention of over the calf socks! Why is Britain the last country in Europe to cotton on? These are actually available in this country, Corgi socks in Wales will knit Any type of preference, if you order a couple of dozen pairs, think about it long term, that’s about a years worth… I order plain weave cotton over the calf in stock colours. There are many other custom sock makers in this country, use em or loose em, N



Have you tried cutting your toe nails ? 😉


Ha! That doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Whilst i don’t have Mauri’s ill-fortune,ignoring other factors ( yarn thickness/ length of fibre / proper size etc) i find some brands are worse than others – which is why sorry to say i have abandoned Pantherella; for longevity i stick to Falke, Viccel and EGTVED.

Bertie Wooster

Have you tried Corgi socks fine gauge cotton or wool…they seem okay


John Smedley do some very nice socks. I’ve found them to be excellent quality. Also, Corgi. However, the former, I’ve believe, are better quality.


I really cannot recommend Pantherella highly enough. Their cotton lisle are the only cotton blend socks which, to me, feel as good as pure cotton, yet have the benefit of being longer lasting. For more luxury, they do fantastic sea island cotton, pure silk and pure cashmere options, as well as pure cotton ones in a wide range of patterns and styles (including over the calf length). All have hand finished toes and are exclusively made in England. It’s most distressing to see them in fewer and fewer retailers, however they now have a good website through which one can order.


I have used Viccel ‘under the calf’ socks for a while now. The colours are great, really vivid. The socks last well. They always seem to come a size too big which then shrink down to exact size after a wash. They have (accidentally) been thrown in the drier and came out unscathed. I wash them with my other clothing on a 30 or 40 degree wash. So overall, the quality and convenience make them ideal for me


Funny enough I was looking for over the calf socks in wine and green. These are very hard to find in Canada where most retailers carry mostly mid calf socks. The few over the calf socks offered are black, grey and navy and not much else.

So after reading this post I’ve ordered one pair in forest green and one in a dark
red from Viccel.

It would be interesting to see how much business you stimulate for the companies you feature Simon. Maybe you deserve an occasional commission!


I’m still waiting for the socks. What was your experience with speed of delivery Simon?

Merry Christmas. It’s a pleasure reading this blog.



I see in other comments that you received yours in a few days. Sorry I should have read through them all before asking.


There was a mix up between the e-commerce payment method I used and Viccel. Ahmet from Viccel was excellent to deal with in clearing that up and now I have the socks.

As you noted they are long but stay up well. They breathe well and feel good. I’m quite pleased with them, although the wine colour I purchased is a brighter red than I expected. The dark green is really lovely.

All in all a good purchase and I can recommend them.


I know this is old, but I’ve just recently discovered your blog.

I wanted to mention that I appreciate your use of advertising over commissions. Other style blogs I have read seem to take commissions and I’m always wary of their recommendations being biased (even subconsciously). It’s also suspicious to me when three style blogs recommend the same product within a couple of weeks of each other–makes it seem they were all paid as part of a marketing initiative by the producer.

That you don’t take commissions lets me invest more trust in the opinions you express.

Bobby Berryhill

Hi Simon,

I may have missed this, but what are the rules for wearing cotton versus wool socks? If wearing a wool suit, do I need to wear wool socks? Even in summer? Is it cotton with cotton and wool with wool?

Thank you,


facebook_David Crosbie.10156189389600594

Hi Simon.
I got into Gammarelli’s because of your article some time back, but slightly disappointed with longevity, I switched to Bresciani and have been very happy them in terms of quality, longevity and appearance.
So in the spirit of trying new things, I’ve just ordered a few pairs of these in varying weights of dress, over the calf cotton.
Any idea how long they normally take to arrive?

facebook_Kemal Onyurt.10153576619114473

Viccel uses 2 options for the shipping
First One is regular post which is free around the world and delivery may take 3-4 week depends on local post office
Second one is express shipping which costs 15$ delivery time is few work day


Hi Simon, I loved to try wearing over the calf socks and I did with bad experience. I found that the sock drag my trousers fabric at the back of my calf. Need to to pull my trousers fabric back down. Is there solution? Is my trousers too tight at the calf?


I received four pair of Viccel cotton socks last week, having learned about the company from this post. So far, so good. Length is great for me (I’m 6′ 4″). Dark green and claret colors are superb. The canary yellow turns out to be a little greenish in comparison to a similar pair I have from Paul Stuart. The dark brown is kind of drab; no real depth to the color, bit the vertical ribbing adds some texture. Presuming they last 10- plus wearing a, I’ll order more. Indeed, at these prices, I’ll order some for my 16-year-old son, who enjoys clothes but isn’t as meticulous about them as he might be.


Forgot to mention that the $15 express shipping fee got the socks to me in New Jersey, USA in about 72 hours (over a weekend). Well worth it.


I got three pairs to Germany last week with the free shipping option. Delivery did take 3 weeks. I second Simon’s comments on length and clearly being on the slippery side pre-wash. The foot size also seems to be generous – I’ll size down next time – whereas the calf “tube” is fairly tight, but not uncomfortable. I ordered the mid and heavy weight given the season, but I honestly can’t make out much of a difference between the two. Good discovery overall, and I’ll be back for the wide range of colours.

Bobby Lee

Hi Simon,
I have ordered from Viccel and have found the color (especially red) will came off and dyed the pair of white socks red in the same packing! When washed the red did came off dyed other material.
Not happy with the quality! Sorry have to report to you!


Just wondered what your thoughts about Bamboo socks were….


I see that you wear over the calf socks. I recently started wearing them too, but I’m getting mad from them because my trousers are getting stuck on them every time I sit and stand and it’s pretty annoying.

My trousers are not that slim (leg opening is around 22cm) and my calves are slim. Trousers are front to knee lined.

What is your remedy to this problem if it happens to you too?


I purchased a few pair (in what they call their summer weight) based on this recommendation. They must have made changes in between your pairs and mine. I found the socks quite short, while they were labeled as OTC, they reached just midcalf for me (I’m only 5’11”) and were on the loose side, so they had no hope of staying up at all. Perhaps the “summer weight” were not the ones described here, however this sharing of experience may serve other readers.


hey simon if you want to try the summer viccel socks plz contact us. we sell them in U.S./ you dont need to wait for long time shipment. here is the email [email protected]


I felt I should come back and revisit this. I contacted Viccel about the issue, and they responded that that I was inadvertently sent the wrong size socks (though the right colors). They immediately shipped me new socks, in the correct size. They are truly OTC and stay up! They are quite comfortable in the extreme heat where I live. I am very happy with them now, even though it took a few extra steps to get there. Hopefully the logistics improves so that this is not a frequent issue.


I’ve no objection to long socks in principle. I don’t think there can be any argument that they’re the best looking option as they’re not as prone to drooping and offer a far neater look; however in practical terms I find them quite uncomfortable. I will still wear them from time to time but as soon as I can get them off, I breathe a deep sense of relief. Perhaps an example of how far one is willing to forgo comfort for looks.


Thank makes sense. I wonder if there are types of over the calf which are more comfortable than others? I’m thinking primarily about construction vs material here. Ribbed socks for instance tend to have a firmer “grip” and therefore seem to be the worst culprits in my experience.


In the old days, i.e 30 years ago long socks were commonly worn in the UK during winter. Short socks in summer.


I recently ordered four pairs of “charcoal gray” Viccel socks and while they arrived, I found the color to be black rather than dark gray. I contacted Viccel and found their response time to be glacial (weeks to reply back) and their remedy was to mail back the socks which would cost the same as buying new ones. The fit was OK and the material felt synthetic (slippery) even though it was advertised as not.