This is the last instalment in our series on looking after suits at home. The first showed how to brush and generally maintain suits, and the second how to press a jacket. You can see them at those links.

It’s been an interesting process filming and then screening these. Thanks for all the messages from people that have tried this out at home. As we I discussed with Richard in the second video, there are some things that will probably be too tricky to attempt at home, such as pressing around the shoulders and sleevehead.

But there is also plenty that can be safely and effectively, particularly eradicating wrinkles in the trousers, small of the back and sleeves. This is where most wrinkling occurs in any case, because they are bent most often and have less structure. 

I hope you enjoy this last video. Trousers can of course also be given an effective crease by a trouser press, but anything from the crotch up will need some more dedicated pressing.