Our latest video on suit maintenance may be the most useful of the lot: How to press your a jacket at home. 

In the video, Richard is at pains to point out that a lot of the pressing process cannot be replicated at home. Customers would need a high-powered steam iron, a board/cushion that were easy to manipulate, and a lot of experience. 

But it is very possible to take out the basic day-to-day wrinkles, around the elbow, the small of the back and the front edge. Ideally it would then be taken to a professional presser once a year for a proper job.

The key takeaways for us are:

  1. Press a jacket when it has obvious wrinkles
  2. The sleeves, front edge and back can be done easily at home
  3. Chests and collars are trickier, and usually require a tailor’s cushion
  4. Always use a damp tea towel between the cloth and iron
  5. Spend time getting the cloth straight and taut at every point
  6. And use an iron with a large steam output 

You can see our first video, on brushing and general maintenance, here.