Come to dinner at Huntsman

Tuesday, December 13th 2016
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So, Huntsman invited me to host a dinner in their Savile Row shop in January.
And rather than invite people from the industry (as we did last time in our Gathering dinner) I thought it would be nice to have readers along. As a nice celebration of our 10th anniversary year, and a way to chat to everyone.
But there's only room for 10 people, so how could we select them?
The plan
Here's my idea: we'll hold a dinner for readers themed around 'evening wear'. Not necessarily black tie, not necessarily super-formal, but the kind of tailoring you might wear to a nice dinner.
Readers can email me between now and January 9th with the outfit they would wear. I will select the 10 I think are the most stylish (the most Permanent Style-ish) and to a certain extent the most interesting and original.
Those 10 winners will come to the dinner; we'll have a photographer to take portraits of everybody; and then the photographs will be published on Permanent Style alongside a brief description of the outfit and what the readers like about them. 
The details
  • Outfits can be sent to me in any way: on a hanger, laid out on a bed, as a selfie, anything. Just include a couple of sentences about why you like the style as an evening combination.
  • They should be sent to [email protected]
  • The clothing does not have to be bespoke. It doesn't even necessarily need to be high quality. The focus is on style. 
  • Submissions will be closed at 5pm on January 9th. Everyone will be informed whether they have won or not on January 10th. 
  • The dinner itself will take place on Thursday, January 19th. Those submitting must be free for dinner that evening. 
  • Winners must be willing to have their portrait taken.

That's it. I really look forward to seeing what people come up with.

I emphasise again: it doesn't have to be black tie, or that formal. It is what you would wear to a dinner where you wanted to celebrate the occasion by dressing more smartly than normal. 

Inevitably this means that the dinner as a whole will not be very homogenous, but I think we can live with that. It's a celebration, an exploration of eveningwear. Something made for the low light of the night. 

Any questions do let me know - in the comments below or by email. 


Photo Credit: Andy Barnham
Photo Credit: Andy Barnham