How a hand-sewn alligator strap is made

Friday, June 16th 2017
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This video, just completed by Charlie at Equus Leather, is a wonderfully expressive demonstration of leatherwork. 

I particularly like the sound detail - that sinewy scrape of knife cutting through alligator skin.

Watch the full 10 minutes and then tell me you don't want to invest in some hand-sewn leather piece or other.

You can see Charlie's earlier video, showing the making of a wallet, here.

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Enjoyed this thoroughly. Loved the attention to detail, and the scraping sound.


what a great delight to watch a master craftsman at work! Thank you!

Kev Fidler

It is actually wonderful to watch someone with a skill create something beautiful. And you are right, I have for sometime been skirting around having a new watchstrap made, seeing and listening to that video has made me decide. The bridle leather one on his site is wonderful.


I saw on the Huntsman store front the other day that they sell “cloth by the meter”. Does Huntsman actually sell their vintage cloth to non-customers?


Any clue about the cost per meter? Around 100GBP?


A wonderful video, as was the earlier one. Craftsmanship underpins all the creations on this website and it is a privilege to see a skilled craftsman at work.


For me, this is what permanent style is all about.
I’ve commissioned two pieces from Charlie and they are beyond good.
I replaced a beloved wallet that my new dog chewed (seriously) with a hip wallet that he did to my specification. It cost about £900 and it is the most beautiful, well made leather piece I’ve ever owned. Hermes and Berluti eat your heart out – you aren’t even at the races when it comes to this guy.
In the strength of that I ordered a belt which is also excellent.
A word to the wise. It’s well worth phoning him to discuss preferences and don’t expect anything to happen quick – their lead times are theoretical.
That said, can’t recommend Charlie highly enough. He offers the ultimate in quality. Next time I need a watch strap it will be from him.

Nick Inkster

A great video which demonstrates amply that there is no substitute for craft.

I have a couple of Equus belts and they really are lovely.

Could this be the start of a series? Watching video beats words……..Milanese, hand padding, placing a collar……


Here, here!
Love this video!


Wow! Time to dump the iWatch! Or perhaps they do iWatch bands??


Anyone who can make something similar you’d recommend with a shop in London? I’d like to have saddle stitched watch straps made but it’s not something I’d want to do over the internet…

Lindsay McKee

Sadly, it appears that Equus Leather has ceased trading.


I contacted Equus last year and spoke to Charlie, the owner and man in the video. We spoke on the phone and was very nice as we were working on a design for an 18th century Russian reindeer double tour watch strap for my girlfriend’s JLC reverso. He was nice and informative but after several back and forth emails about measurements etc., I didn’t hear back with final confirmation. I ordered a custom belt kit as a Christmas gift and received a confirmation email but it never shipped. I looked into it and learned that Charlie is no longer in business. It’s sad. he did beautiful work.