Video: A hand-sewn wallet, from start to finish

Sunday, June 26th 2016
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A lovely video this, showing a lot of the detail of making a hand-sewn alligator wallet - from Charlie Trevor at Equus Leather. It was just released today. 

The music might be a bit much, but I think we can forgive it that. 


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John C

If leather crafting doesn’t work out, Charlie could tinkle the ivories in a west End pub.


A combination of the new fiver making my money clip obsolete and our new dog chewing my Berluti credit card wallet put me in the market.
I commissioned Charlie to make me a ‘Lloyd Billfold’ wallet in mid brown safari Alligator with muscade chèvre inner and brown lin cable.
It wasn’t cheap but I have to say it is an absolute work of art that leaves the likes of Berluti and Hermes in the shade. The standard of craftsmanship is off the Richter scale and the piece will become a family heirloom. Thank you PS for bringing this amazing company to my attention.

M L Santorsola

I just received my Lloyd Billfold with black alligator leather outer and black chèvre inner, black Lin Cable, blind embossing and internal note compartment divider.
It took seven months to be made because of the pandemic. Beautiful. Worth the wait.
I would never had heard of Equus Leather if it wasn’t for this website. Thank you Permanent Style.