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Monday, June 12th 2017
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This is an update on availability of our book The Style Guide - with the sweet sweetener of an extract from the Accessories chapter. 

So far, The Style Guide has sold just over 1000 copies, out of a total run of 2000. So they're going pretty fast - you can buy online now in the Shop section of the website.

Since our initial launch, the number of shops carrying the book around the world has also increased. Eight have been added:

  • Double Monk, in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Crane Brothers, in Auckland and Wellington
  • Decorum, in Bangkok
  • Maison Chato Lufsen, online France
  • The Hanger Project, online US
  • He Spoke Style, online US

The following have also re-stocked in that time: The Armoury New York, Skoaktiebolaget, Pauw Mannen and Shibumi. See the bottom of this post for a full list of stockists. 

In fact, Shibumi in Florence just re-stocked this week, so anyone travelling to Pitti Uomo next week can pick up a copy at the Shibumi showroom.

In other news, we will be hosting a dinner in London in a couple of weeks, for many of the stars of the Guide. We will produce a film as part of it, around the theme of men's style, so look out for that. 

And on the subject of the stylish stars of the book, here are three of my favourites from the Accessories chapter, along with my notes on the things I find instructional about each.


Go big

Francesco Maglia

  • So much colour – strong colour – with pattern and texture, and yet to a certain extent it balances.
  • Shirt, jacket and handkerchief all have big patterns. Tie and waistcoat are strong plain colours.
  • Even the handle of the umbrella is something to draw the eye.


Orange as accent

Fabio Attanasio

  • Orange works well against a navy suiting, particularly if it is not too bright.
  • Although the tie’s pattern is similar in scale to the suit’s pinstripe, they are effectively separated by the plain shirt.
  • The brown coat, particularly with sartorial details like the sloping collar line, stops the overall look becoming too conservative and corporate.


Every detail works

Tony Sylvester

  • Great, heavy texture. The woolliness and colour of the jacket draw you in, the cap and shirt provide effective foils.
  • Also nice variations in texture that could work equally well in more formal outfits.
  • The shirt and tie, for example, are standard sartorial colours, but with a casual finish in the denim shirt.


Stockists of The Style Guide:

  • Australia
    • Melbourne: Christian Kimber
    • Melbourne: Double Monk
    • Sydney: Double Monk
  • Belgium, Brussels:
    • Degand
  • China:
    • Beijing: Brio
    • Beijing: Sartorial
    • Shanghai: NOOS
  • France:
    • Paris: Cifonelli (bespoke)
    • Paris: Maison Chato Lufsen
    • Online: Beige
  • Germany, Hannover:
    • Michael Jondral
  • Hong Kong:
    • The Armoury
    • Attire House
  • Italy, Florence:
    • Shibumi
  • Japan, Tokyo:
    • Bryceland's & Co
  • Korea, Seoul:
    • Unipair
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur:
    • WJ & Co
  • New Zealand:
    • Auckland: Crane Brothers
    • Wellington: Crane Brothers
  • Russia, Moscow:
    • L'Ago D'Oro
  • Singapore:
    • Kevin Seah
  • Sweden, Stockholm:
    • Papercut
    • Skoaktiebolaget
  • Taiwan, Taipei:
    • Oak Room
  • Thailand, Bangkok:
    • Decorum
    • Sprezzatura Eleganza
  • UK, London:
    • Anderson & Sheppard
    • Drake's
    • Edward Green
    • Fenwick of Bond Street
    • Private White VC
    • Trunk Clothiers
  • US:
    • Chicago: Leffot
    • Denver: Beckett & Robb
    • New York: The Armoury
    • New York: Leffot
    • Provo: Beckett & Robb
    • Salt Lake City: Beckett & Robb
    • San Francisco: Beckett & Robb
    • Seattle: Beckett & Robb
    • Online: The Hanger Project
    • Online: He Spoke Style

Tony's cuff and vintage watch are shown in the header image.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Francesco Maglia….I ordered a real nice brolly from Mr. Porter and the thing leaked. Returned it and got a Brigg which only leaks during heavy downpours. *Sigh* my cheapo umbrellas that I bought from street corner vendors do a better job at repelling rain.


Simon, where’s a good place to pick up a denim shirt for wearing with a tie? I’d ideally like a good collar stand. Would you always recommend bespoke?


I am struggling with which wrist to wear my watch on.

Its normally on my right wrist, but sometimes on my left if I’m wearing a sweater or lace ups.

Are there any rules you can suggest?


I’m struggling to find RTW denim shirt to be worn with a tie, pointers please?

I would love to go bespoke, however, budget wise, I can’t afford it presently.


Hello Simon,

You forgot to add Pauw mannen (amsterdam, The Netherlands) to the stockist list.

With Regards,


Paul W

Four star post, Simon. Wish I had this list a year ago.


What jacket / coat is Tony wearing in the last photo and where can I get one?!