Pop-up shop postponed

Sunday, March 15th 2020
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I’m sad to say that this season’s Pop-Up Shop has had to be postponed, in view of the ongoing health crisis and travel restrictions.

We tried so hard to make it work, not wanting to let down the brands that had built up to it, nor the readers that were planning their visit. But in the end it became unfeasible: half the brands couldn’t travel, and it wouldn’t have been the shop we wanted.

This is a postponement, not a cancellation. As soon as there is clarity around the Covid-19 situation, we will announce a date to come back and do it properly. And all the brands are eager to do so.

Next time, we will do it in full and we will do it right. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Thank you


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Excellent call by everyone involved.

Hoping you’re all safe – PS staff, readers, craftsmen and salesmen everywhere, and this entire community of enthusiasts, along with their families. May we all endure and prevail.

Frank Shattuck

Thank You Joseph


Not a great news but glad to know there is one less reason to go out and interact with people. Looking forward to the right PS pop-up at the right time.


Our second trip over Easter to Naples to collect a finished suit is also cancelled. I sent him the money anyway. A trip last year was also cancelled by Ryanair.


Hi Simon! This might not be the right article for this question, but could you possible advise where to look for decent home slippers?(could even be the tipe like from the merchant fox).

Would be much appreciated!


Simon, any opportunity for an online pop up shop collaboration?


Wise decision,

Any news of when the striped oxford cloth will be back. I would like to help my Italian tailor with some orders as I understand that business is going down.


Hi, exactly the right decision on the pop-up.
It’s interesting to me (on reflection) that over the past week or so I have bypassed some of newer wardrobe additions, in favour of my old trusty Belstaff jacket. It’s almost like an old friend – I suppose we take comfort where we can.
Wishing all the best, to PS team, readers, the artisans and their teams in the challenges ahead. Pulling together we will make it through.


Simon, I am sure it is coming, but I am definitely looking forward to the working from home article! My navy cashmere shawl collar was perfect yesterday, comfy, relaxed yet looks a little like a jacket, but I tried my grey one today and I looked like I was wearing a dressing gown on video calls. So today its the Navy cashmere hoodie from Saman Amel which is about as smart a hoodie as you get but its still a hoodie. Wearing B&L sagans is doing a good job of differentiating working time from home time. I’m also thinking what I can do to support the industry – sending some cloth to Italy for shirts feels a good start.