The Finest Knitwear back in stock

Monday, August 27th 2018
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The Finest Knitwear is back as of today, in V- and crew-neck, deep green and navy blue. Thanks to all those that have waited patiently for the new batch.

It was interesting seeing readers trying the knitwear during the pop-up.

Everyone has the same initial reaction, which is to feel a piece and say how soft it feels.

We deliberately used merino wool rather than cashmere (for longevity and natural stretch), but because it is the finest merino yarn you can buy, it feels noticeably and impressively different.

More similar, in fact, to the cashmere/silk mixes you see in a lot of luxury knitwear.

The problem with cashmere is that it pills when fine, particularly if worn under tailoring all the time (which is what the Finest Knitwear is designed for). Silk doesn’t help much either, just adding a bit of strength.

Ultrafine merino is the best of both worlds, and I can only think the reason most brands don’t use it is the fact cashmere and silk sound more luxurious.

The second reaction I saw readers have was when they tried pieces on.

The feel when you wear the knit doesn’t disappoint, but that fineness and natural stretch does mean it fits quite close.

That’s what you want under a jacket, of course, but it does mean guys can often wear two sizes - depending on how close they want it to fit.

I’m a 39-inch chest and wear a Medium, but could probably wear a Large if I wanted, and just have a touch more room. The feeling and look would be similar.

The last reaction is a slightly delayed one, and comes when readers have tried it, considered the fit, and started looking at the details.

It’s then that they realise how fine the fashioning is, reducing any knots or seams at the shoulders and under the arms.

To be fair, they’ve probably also read the coverage of the knitwear, and know to look out for all these things. It’s always a giveaway when they look for the lack of fashioning on the point of the V-neck.

(That post, with full technical details on the knitwear, can be see here.)

Dark, deep green seems to have been a good choice for the secondary colour, which is nice.

Readers often comment how much smarter and more useful it is than the more common, strong forest greens.

And the design points like the slightly longer V get an occasional nice comment as well, in person or by email. (Thank you all those who email your feedback - you know who you are.)

So, fine knitwear in a fine make, perfect for transitional layering.

Sizing details are all on the shop page (here for V, here for crew), while the full back story is here, as mentioned.

Oh and as with everything, we sell at least 30% under the market rate, to reflect our lower costs and the way we work - with small batches but non-seasonal collections, which remove the need for sales.


Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Adam Jones

I will add to your comments about the green colour. I was dead set on getting the navy crew but when I tried on the green (just for sizing initially) I loved it. I know this is not your intended purpose of the knitwear being so fine but I have found it actually goes very well (in green at least) just over a t shirt with smarter dark jeans, now the weather is turning I intend to wear it to death in the autumn


I’ll note that I was long looking for a forest green sweater suitable to wear with a tie, but just couldn’t find one, let alone find much in forest green. Your dark green hit the perfect colour, and the deep V was better than any V-neck I’d tried before for wearing with a tie. A superlative creation!

Now to add a navy blue crewneck for casual fall wear to my collection . . .

Mehri Doyle

Any chance you are a size small and feel like selling me your navy crew neck?


This presents an opportunity to comment on another vitally important topic: v-necks versus crew necks. Would you say that v-necks are the dressier choice and better for wearing with ties, whereas crew-necks are better for casual wear?

Although it might be a more old-fashioned look, I tend to go with the v-neck, not only because it shows the tie better, but because it’s easier to wear open-collar as well. I find that most crew necks tend to smush the collar if you wear it in, and look awkward if you wear the collar out. For that reason, I usually don’t wear crew necks with collared shirts but wear them directly over an undershirt (if it’s soft enough).

So for that reason, I tend to buy merino V-necks and cashmere crewnecks. The merino is thinner and works better over a collared shirt; the cashmere works better when worn directly on the skin or over an undershirt.


Could you give a size recommendation? I have 2 Smedley Huntswood waistcoats (30 gage but not slim fit) in small. It was a little snug at first but a good fit. My chest size is 37 and I’m 5.7 feet tall. I’m debating between a small and a medium. Leaning toward small but worried it would be too tight.


Hi Simon, I realise that there is a link to the PS shop in the first para. (is back) but for newer readers (who might search elsewhere for a link) can I suggest a clearer, more explicit link to the shop site, especially as some of the other links lead to PS back articles (just to make the reader experience easier).


I purchased a blue V-Neck first time around and have just received a green one. Very happy with it. Thanks Simon.


Any plans for a mock turtleneck model?


What don’t you like about it?


Preferens the v-neck on these!

Richard T

Hi Simon,
I wondered if you had given any thought to producing a version of this knitwear in sleeveless cardigan/waistcoat form. In general, I find that the easiest and most useful form of knitwear to wear under tailoring, but some of the most difficult to find as a satisfactory product. Just a thought, but it might make a good third addition to the v-necked and crew necked versions of the PS knitwear.


I, personally, would love a sleeved cardigan. Functionally, I find my upper arms are what get cold first, so a thin sleeved cardigan would work well under a jacket and keep my arms warm.

If it can be done with lapels, even better.


A 42 inch chest should go for which size would you say?

The shop seems to want to put a lot of tax on the total? Has Brexit already happened?

Thank you



Got mine this week and couldn’t be happier. Never touched wool like this before. The fit is great and not too tight – I was a bit worried and would have changed to a bigger size on reading your remark on sizing up without much sacrifice to fit. But the parcel was already on its way, and it turned out just fine in my regular size. Really lovely piece. A rollneck would be a natural next to me…

Bernie Leung

Hi Simon,

Just tried on a size M Finest Knitwear crewneck and the fit can be likened to a perfectly executed MTM fit…I have a 10 inch drop so I was really surprised the sweater fit me so well, with just the right amount of slimness. In fact, the sweater looks great with just an undershirt beneath it sans dress shirt!

The only thing I would change would be the sleeve length. Is it possible to have a tailor alter and reduce sleeve length?


Bernie Leung

Just ordered a green crewneck and a Friday short sleeve polo!

In regards to knitwear factories, a google search doesn’t yield any results. I live near San Francisco. Do you have any recommendations?

I did ask my tailor if he could alter my sweater and he said he generally doesn’t recommend it as it would adversely affect the integrity of the knitwear.

Bernie Leung



Hi Simon, is this wonderful sweater coming back this autumn/winter?

I have the navy and it’s my favourite sweater (which is saying something).

I would absolutely love this in a silver colour but will order a green one if you do the same colours again


Hi Simon,

Count me as someone who’d love to get my hands on a v-neck in both of these colors! (I actually ordered and returned them a year ago as they weren’t a great fit – but I’ve happily trimmed down a bit since, so I’m confident they would work this time around.

I’ll email [email protected] per your instructions above – but if for whatever reason it DOESN’T work out for you to do another run or offer MTO, what maker could you recommend in this same vein – i.e., 1) very well made, 2) less $$$ and sturdier than cashmere, and 3) slim/light enough to go nicely under a jacket?

Thanks very much, Simon!


Thanks very much.

So what are the chances you think you’ll do another run or else make some kind of MTO option available?

Re other brands, that’s very helpful. I actually think RL Purple Label does a decent one as well – but it’s cashmere and hence more expensive and likely less hardy.


Terrific – in that case my feedback is that the two colors from the last run were perfect. The navy is obvious, but the forest green is great if you’re looking for an alternate dark color. Maybe also charcoal – i.e., meaningfully darker than a typical mid-grey trouser – or a brown/earth-tone melange? Would happily buy a modest handful!

Jonathan Waeland

Hi Simon, as I mentioned a few months ago I really wanted a light grey/silver just like my Navy Finest Knitwear from you, which I absolutely love.

I couldn’t wait (and I suspect Silver won’t be one of your colours) so I went for a Smedley Silver Lundy in Medium a few days ago. It’s nice, but a material level below yours in feel and the details like the flat seams and the arm and bottom hems. And it just sits better and fits better.

I also wore my Navy Finest Knitwear into the shop and tried on a Smedley Navy for comparison. For me yours is a richer colour, plus the other differences above, and trying then on back to back really made it stand out that yours is a 10/10 and the Smedley is a 7.5/10, maybe an 8 if I’m generous.

I will absolutely buy three more of yours if you redo them – two as presents and one for me in whatever colour you do that isn’t navy. Maybe the green as I wear mostly navy suit trousers and chinos 😀

Great job again creating such an amazing and well thought through piece…


I am a extremely sad to say that I lost my Finest Knitwear jumper on a recent holiday.

Nevermind favourite jumper, it was actually my favourite item of clothing period I loved it so much.

This is a desperate longshot, but if anyone no longer fits into or there is any other reason why anyone would be interested in selling on their M or L Navy Crewneck or V-Neck it would make me a very, very happy man. If you reply I will get my contact details to you!



I would love a v-neck run in the green. A perfect pair to your recent oxford shirt releases.

Mehri Doyle

I’m looking for a replacement jumper for a machine washing accident. Navy crew neck in size small. Please let me know if anyone has one up for grabs xxx
Eternally grateful wife.

Bernie Leung

Hey Simon,

I hope you are doing well. I have been greatly enjoying your Finest Knitwear Crewneck for years now and it has always dawned on me how amazing it would be if you could offer a fuller range of colors, perhaps just enough for a capsule, grey, cream/ecru and perhaps a brown in addition to the navy and green.

No one else can match the softness and fineness of finishing…

Bernie Leung

Hi Simon,

Not to be biased, but I am certain there will be overwhelming support for this if there was ever a poll or questionnaire for your readers. I have heard nothing but praises for your finest knitwear and for good reason. I’ll drop an email to the support team thanks