Introducing: Striped PS Oxford cloth

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The traditional, nubby oxford fabric we developed last year has proved so popular that we’ve decided to introduce another option.

It’s a little unusual in another way though, beyond the robust, textured yarn. It’s an off-white and blue stripe, rather than blue and white.

The difference is very subtle. Few people would notice without it being pointed out. But using this warm, creamy colour rather than a cold white does have a real effect.

A shirt made up in the fabric looks more casual, perhaps a little vintage: rather like using yellowed mother-of-pearl for the buttons on the ready-made shirts.

Most brands offer blue/white stripes because they are smarter and more corporate. Nothing wrong with that.

But this PS Oxford shirting is not meant to be formal or corporate. It’s supposed to be more traditional, rugged and robust - a better match for jeans and tweed than a sharp suit.

And as ever with the products on Permanent Style, it’s nice to do something a little different. Something that you can’t find from a dozen other brands, and fills a gap in the bespoke market.

This blue/cream stripe uses the same yarn as the popular PS Oxford cloth introduced last year.

So it has a relatively thick yarn in the weft (1/10) but a finer one in the warp (2/90).

The thicker weft makes it tougher, and wear in beautifully - like the vintage oxfords that inspired it - but the finer warp retains a touch of luxury.

Oxfords with anything near that thickness aren’t available as cut lengths for bespoke customers, which sets the cloth clearly apart. But even RTW shirts rarely use single-ply yarn in the weft.

The result is a shirting that reproduces the look and feel of oxford shirts sold by Brooks Brothers and others in the 1950s and 1960s, including the nubby surface that comes from the varied thickness of the short-staple cotton.

You can read more about the development of the fabric, and the research with Italian mill Canclini, in the first post on the plain-blue oxford cloth here.

Since I’ve had this blue/cream stripe, I’ve found that it also works with a serge trouser and structured donegal, as pictured.

This is very useful. It means I can chuck on the shirt with jeans at the weekend, but also wear it with sports jackets. And given I rarely wear worsted suits these days, it also makes it perfect for travel.

When I went to Milano Unica this week, I travelled in this striped-oxford shirt and had a plain blue in my bag. I wore jeans and a sweater on the plane, changed into flannels and a tie for dinner, and wore the plain blue the next day open-necked with a jacket.

There will be ready-made shirts in this cloth available later in the year, made up by Luca Avitabile.

For now, the cloth is available in the normal 2m lengths, to have made up by a shirtmaker.

If you want it sent directly to a maker, please put them down as the delivery address, including your own name as a reference. Then drop them a note so they know to expect it.

Other details:

  • Yarn: 1/10 x 2/90
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Weight: 250g/metre
  • Cut length: 2m x 1.5m
  • Fabric pre-washed and should not shrink
  • Price £55 plus VAT
  • Available now on the shop site, here

Full information on the PS Oxford cloth and its journey here

Below, a comparison of the cloth (top) to a normal blue/white stripe (below).

Other items shown:

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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V Smart. How much will the shirts be once Luca has made up?


Hi Simon,

This may be a rather ignorant question, but when this is listed as 250g/metre, is that the same unit as one would find on suiting (usually written as g/m2 or gsm, eg. 330g/m2)?


Is not too heavy? 250 is nearly 10oz. It is nearly suit material.
I had an overshirt made on 8oz denim as it was too thick for a shirt.


Are you able to say if there are any plans for a more summer weight PS cloth this year? Either a linen/linen mix or a lightweight cotton? I feel the PS Oxford/Everyday Denim may be a little much for July/August on the continent (or perhaps even in the UK at times).


I believe this weight might be per linear metre, which would make the per square metre weight less. Otherwise, it does seem like it would be fairly heavy for shirting.


My guess is the grams per square metre weight is probably around 165g.

This can be compared, for example, to the 145-150g per square metre of Thomas Mason Oxford 75.


Very nice,

I will probably order one.

Do you have any plan for a “hard Brexit” Simon. I guess that most of your collaborations are made in Italy and it would be easier for people living in the EU to have them sent directly. And cheaper if it would be some kind of tariffs.

It would also be interesting to have an article about how UK based stores with a lot of EU customers will handle a hard Brexit.


Ordered mine !
Didn’t need much convincing one I saw the pictures .

On a more general point around shirts , being someone whose budget normally only extends to RTW , what in RTW would you recommend for ply , warp , weft ? For business and casual shirts .


Finally! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this to come, I really enjoy the feel of the first PS Oxford cloth a lot and this looks great as well.


I’ve long admired JLC.

Shirt and coat look good, really good, but thought you were not a fan of blue odd trousers?


What I really like with the shirt I had made in the first PS Oxford cloth is the wonderful coarse texture, you can really see the white and blue threads in there but it’s still really soft and comfortable. The weight of the fabric is also very nice, definitely more substantial than my “normal” shirts which makes it drape really well (if you can say that about a shirt) but it’s still not too thick so it gets warm or anything like that. And it’s really easy to iron.

Since I hardly ever wear a suit in my work the casual OCBD I had made in this cloth by LA gets used a lot with chinos and jeans (to the point where I was thinking about ordering a second identical shirt, but now I got the striped version instead!).

Johannes Petersson

Now I’m looking forward to a pink version of the original Oxford cloth, I think that would be great as well!

Dan G

Simon, the jacket in the pictures looks beautiful. I’m surprised at just how soft the shoulders look. I just ordered an oatmeal linen jacket from Steven as well and I have a couple of suits on the way. Looking forward to receiving them and hoping for a similar result! (I also ordered a length of the new oxford shirting to be made up by Luca).


I bought the first shirt in the first version of the cloth as RTW (the shirtings were out of stock) and has since then made a bespoke version of it and ordered this cloth as a second bespoke shirt.

I think it is lovely. Works perfect with jeans and flannel trousers. I often uses it with a halflined harris tweed sport coat. The tweed is too stingy for delicate shirts so this is perfect.


Is it just me or does this have a distinctly pink “sheen” in the pictures? Presumably just a trick of the light, just wondering if anyone else is getting this?



I love my mercer button down shirts but would like bespoke, spread collar shirts in similar fabric… would you recommend the PS oxford to that end?


Congratulations on another development! The cut looks very fine though in future offerings could we see an image sans jacket – especially to get an idea of the well designed collar shape?


For a white casual shirt, what fabric would you recommend? Oxford is certainly an option, but I feel the really beauty of oxfords are the interweaving different colours and the resulting mixed white and coloured effect.


White end on end is a great fabric for a casual shirt.

It doesn’t of course look like a coloured one, but it has a degree of texture which is nice.

George Wilmoth

Any idea when ready to wear shirts in this fabric will be available. I love my Oxford and am kkicking myself for not buying a few when I had the opportunity. Also any plans for a plain white Oxford?


Hi Simon, what do you think of a hidden button down collar for more casual fabrics such as this (particularly if worn without a tie)? Does it make sense or is a visible button preferable because it’s more casual?


Hi Simon,
Just received my everyday denim shirt and am simply blown away by the fit and quality. So much so that I’m now keen on purchasing one of your Oxfords. Any idea on when you will be restocking in sizes? I’m looking for a large. Also the blue/white stripe Oxford. Will and if so, when will you selling these?


This cloth is brilliant. Any chance of a restock eventually?


Hi Simon, I am ordering the regular blu shirt but also like this version of cloth. Are there plans to have this also as a ready to go shirt? Otherwise, do you have any recommendation / options for valid shirt makers in central London? Thanks!


Grazie mille Simon. I’ve just placed the order for this cloth and the plain blue shirt in two sizes as you have recommended, to find the perfect fit.



Will the ready-made shirts have the larger shrinkage allowance built in? Could I order the same size as my everyday denim shirting?


Hi Simon,
I have bought the light blue and striped PD Oxford cloths and could not be happier. Great product indeed. You have mentioned in recent comment threads that you are planning to produce new colors. What can we expect and when? White, pink or red stripe perhaps?

Johannes P

Are there any plans for a pure white or maybe slight off white/egg-shell version of the PS Oxford cloth? If not could you recommend a white cloth that is most similar to the PS Oxford one in texture, thickness and feel? I’ve had a OCBD shirt made in Thomas Mason White Oxford 75 which is stated to be in 80/2 x 38/3 construction (FM36072-000001). While it turned out fine (in a different way) it did not have the nice weight and texture of the PS Oxford cloth shirts I have.

Ola Sigurdson

Your Oxford cloths are brilliant. You mention something above about a light pink one that might be in the works. Here’s hoping it will materialize as soon as possible.

Best, Sigurd


Dear Simon,
I have recently purchased some shirts from the PS online shop made in collaboration with Luca Avitabile in size large. The quality of the materials and workmanship is exceptional and I very much look forward wearing them. The shoulders and chest fit perfectly, but it is a little too wide around the waist. Do you recommend a specific technique (e.g., darts) to slim the waist area, which best do justice to the work of Luca Avitabile? Thanks. Dave

Ola Sigurdson

Perhaps everything stands still because of the virus, but are there any updates on the availability of the pink oxford?



Hi Simon ,

I love your shirts and really would like to buy some. However, I’m 6,6 tall and 93 kg so do you think it will work out for me?


Thank you for your response Simon. Normally I have my shirts mtm by Kiton, Barba and Finamore so lenght is not a big problem, only for rtw. My neck is 41 and overall I think I wil fit the best in a Large but I think it’s too short on the sleeves and body. If the tailor wants to adjust the lenght of the sleeves and body, then I will order some!


DearSimon; any plans to restock the Oxfords?

Joshua George

What do you think about light shirts with darker stripes like navy or charcoal?

Joshua George

Would keep that in mind.
What about Check Shirts( micro or small not large bold ones)? Do you prefer check shirts?


Hi Simon, would PS blue striped look good with mid-blue jeans and a navy sports jacket?

Many thanks,


Thanks, Simon


Hi Simon, I was wondering if you have plans to restock PS striped and blue oxford cloths any time soon, by any chance?

Many thanks,


Hi simon can i ask if these oxford shirts are suitable for higb summer if one wears them a size up? Also ever considered adding a pocket to your rtw shirts? I think an ocbd is just screaming for one.


Morning Simon, I have signed up to the waiting/mailing list for your blue/white striped Oxford cloth. Any idea (roughly) when it will be back? As in days, weeks or months?
With thanks,


Hi Simon

When would all the Oxford fabrics come back in stock?


Hi Simon,

When will the blue striped Oxford be restocked?



Lucas Nicholson

Hi Ryan,

We are expecting a restock of the shirts and cloth in September, unfortunately we had some delays from the cloth mill.




I just received the brown overshirt and striped oxford, both in both a small and medium. I thought at first that a small in both would be better, but ordered mediums too because of the advice you’d given on the site. I’m so glad I did: in the overshirt, that little bit of extra length works perfectly for me, and the more relaxed fit suits the spirit of the garment. The slightly oversized shoulder (for my narrow shoulders, at least) isn’t at all sloppy as I thought it might be on me, but instead is very flattering.

One observation on the oxford, which is generally lovely: on both the small and the medium I received, the right-hand collar button (from the wearer’s perspective) is further from the centre than the left – enough so that it looks lop-sided when the collar is both buttoned and open, partly because that side therefore rolls differently too. I just got a ruler (!) and measured on the small: the right button is about 1.5 cm further from the centre of the placket than the left one. (The front buttons are in the dead centre of the placket, so it seems there’s a clear ‘centre’ for both the ruler and the eye.) ‘Measuring’ a different way, the left button is placed on the sixth stripe beyond the placket while the right is between the tenth and eleventh stripes.

I measured on the small because I’m still wearing the medium: despite the above, I didn’t want to take it (or the perfect medium overshirt) off! I’m not sure I’d wear these colours in combination – would you, Simon? – but the two collars work beautifully together (which I guess is unsurprising, given you commissioned Luca Avitabile with both). I’ll keep both mediums and have someone local move the button on the oxford – probably after washing it a couple of times so I can decide whether to have it darted at the same time too. 🙂


Love the pieces and the materials, which I’m sure will only get nicer with age! The only thing I wish were different on the overshirt is an internal pocket on the right side as well as the left (simply because I’m a leftie and would naturally put my phone in a right-hand internal pocket). That’s not even a gripe though: I guess that such additions would have to be priced in, and I can just put my phone in one of the lovely chest pockets in any case. 🙂

I sent an email (to simon@…) earlier today with photos of the buttons on the oxford in case they’re helpful for you and the team.