New pink and green-stripe oxford shirts

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Two new stripes in the PS Oxford shirt have been added to the shop today: a light pink and a pale green.

As is often the case with PS products, they have been chosen as particularly understated, easy-to-wear styles. 

The pink is the same as that used in the plain-pink PS Oxford, but subtler with its alternating white. The green is a pale mint, and could even be mistaken for light blue or grey until the viewer gets a little closer. 

I find them fresh, Spring-y options good with both tailoring and denim. 

Before going into colour combinations, however, I should remind new readers of how the PS Oxford fabric is different to any other - as we’ve had a few questions about that in recent months. 

The PS fabric was developed to replicate the feel of classic-Ivy oxford shirts: a little heavier, a little slubbier, wearing in and getting softer with every wash. 

This is what an oxford button down used to be, back when they were seen as sports wear - very different to the fine, dressy oxfords brands now offer and which dominate swatch books for bespoke. 

PS Oxford cloth uses a 2/90 yarn in the weft, which is pretty fine, but a thicker 1/10 in the warp. This creates variation in the texture, and is why it softens as it's worn. 

This is different to, say, Mercer & Sons oxfords, which are still two ply both ways. And to the American Oxford cloth offered by Thomas Mason - both good cloths, but using finer yarn. 

PS Oxford fabric was developed initially as just cut lengths, for readers to use for bespoke, but later made into shirts too. It is exclusive to Permanent Style. Full details here.

So, back to the colours. 

I don’t think pink will be an issue for most PS readers. Even those that brought up associations on Manish’s recent article might find it a safe choice. As Manish spelt out, a washed-out pink like this is great with navy and grey, black and blue, green and brown. In a pale version like this, it’s up there among the most versatile shirt colours. 

Green is instinctively harder. I doubt many readers own a green dress shirt, despite Miles Davis’s very effective marketing on the cover of Milestones

However, a green and white stripe is much easier, and as I’ve played with it over the past few months, I’ve found I like it with almost as many colours as pink. 

The important thing is that it goes with your basics: denim, as shown here, plus navy and grey. Use it to add interest under a navy jacket, especially without neckwear, or wear it with a grey suit and a brown-striped club tie. 

A pale green is also great with dark brown - like the Rubato chinos for example, or my WW Chan tweed jacket. And it works with beige, looking especially fresh in that combination. 

In the images here, I’m wearing the pink stripe with a new jacket from Sartoria Ciardi - pale-grey herringbone cashmere, Holland & Sherry 11oz (9219011), dark-brown high-twist trousers from Paolo Martorano (Drapers Ascot 18056) and Piccadilly loafers from Edward Green (black Utah leather). 

The green stripe is shown with a pair of seventies vintage 501s, Alden snuff-suede LHS loafers, and sunglasses from Connolly. The cardigan is a new colour of the PS Indulgent Shawl, a dark brown, which will be available this Autumn. 

Below is a close-up of that dark brown with the green, and of it with a navy coat (my Ettore de Cesare). 

With all of these, the stripe is a nice way to add interest to an outfit that otherwise has few accessories - no tie, no pocket handkerchief. 

Here are a few other points on the oxfords, to try and anticipate questions.

On these new shirts:

  • The cloth is available in 2m cut lengths, as well as the finished shirts
  • The white in the stripe is white, not cream, unlike the blue striped PS Oxford
  • A quick restock has been planned for, so if any size is sold out, do add yourself to the waiting list and you won't have to wait long

On the other shirts:

  • The white oxford shirts and cloth will be available early next month. The blue stripe and plain blue are being woven and will take a week or two longer 
  • The yellow and the pink won’t immediately be restocked, as the new stripes are taking their place for the moment
  • As with all the oxfords, there is a little shrinkage, about 2-3%, and the shirts are cut a little larger to account for this
  • The Lighter Everyday Denim fabric is also back in stock
  • All other information about the shirts and cloth should be on their respective product pages. If they’re not, do leave a question below or email the support team ([email protected])

Finally, a little green-shirt inspiration to show how well it can go with browns, beige, yellow and navy. 

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As a piece of consumer feedback, if you produced a solid green version, I’d be first in line. Maybe it’s just me, but stripes in a shirt have a somewhat corporate association, whereas I find solid colours a lot more casual, and therefore easier to fit into my (ever more casual) daily dress.

Either way, I’ve just ordered a green stripe, and am looking forward to it as well.


I’ve worn this shirt a few times now. It’s a lot more versatile than I expected. The light colour of the stripes, plus their fact that they are fairly thin, make the shirt look almost like it’s a uniform colour from a distance.


Simon, I agree that the shirts look almost like it’s a plain colour. That’s why to me the pink stripes version looks quite similar to the plain pink. I now have both, but since am wondering how I should choose between them and why?


Hi Simon, the green stripe is a great idea. (As is the pink stripe, but I already have one.) I love green and have considered solid green oxfords in the past but found either a little too strong or too minty. Looking forward to trying out the green stripe which I have never seen in an oxford.

Matt L

Very exciting Simon, but I might have to see them in person before making a judgment. “Faint” colours are hard for me to judge on online photos. Particularly that pink stripe one. Are these going to be on display at the pop-up later in the week?


Hi Simon, does that also apply to the restocks? Will there be any samples of the white/blue/blue-cream stripe at the pop-up?

Peter Hall

I love green stripes. Certainly going to order.

I can see both of these used with black/grey chinos and white linen for summer. Quite useful and flexible shirtsing.

Especially like how stripes take away some of the harshness of a solid colour.

Gary Mitchell

Simon, Permanent Style seems to have moved towards more casual retail review and away from the reason I started following you so for that reason I wish you hail and hearty and the very best of good fortune for PS but its time for me to bow out. You write well, your coverage is excellent but it’s rarely anything I don’t already know.
Stay low, move fast; and to borrow from Will, ”If we do meet again, why we shall smile, if not this parting was well made”


Hello Simon. I hope this comment wasn’t too disheartening as I always look forward to the next PS instalment. Keep up the good work!


I’m exactly the other way. I’m sort of done with basic “smart” wardrobe. and just as PS is turning a bit more casual, I’m starting on a casual wardrobe! timing works out pretty well for me!


Simon just of curiosity and since you have so many clothes which are the most used ps color shirts for you ?


You mean the blue chambray or blue oxford ? I like them both equaly to be honest.


Will the blue oxford be restocked any time soon (I have too many shirts but would make an exception for the plain blue oxford 🙂 ).


Oh sorry, should have read the article (I see that you give a timetable for the blue oxford)


Hi Simon,
A few points.
The cloth looks fantastic. Slightly ‘vintage’ look from the get go.
A picture of the back of the shirts (apologies if shown on previous articles) would be useful. Showing if there are knife pleats (which I think it probably the case) or box pleat and button on back collar.
Interested as to why you have gone for a moderately slim fit, rather than the straighter fit and box pleat, more associated with traditional Ivy especially as you have gone to great lengths for an authentic collar.
Whilst not something I’d go for (I’m a bit traditionalist!), these are not criticisms, simply observations that may inform readers and potential customers.
Great that you are expanding your offering in a gently evolving manner and I wish you great success with the PS Shop.


Thanks for the clarification Simon
I can see now and so can other readers what you’re aiming for. I would agree there is a space in the market for this design.
As I mentioned great cloth and wishing you every success.


Thanks again Simon. Great idea on Jake Yes I have shirts from John Simons with whom I was in part comparing. All the best


Hi Simon, which size do you take? I have two in the medium, and they’re rather snug in the shoulders / armpits. But I once tried ordering a large and it was massive. They look much different on you here than on me, but we’re not that different in build. Are you wearing a large? Thanks much. Looking forward to adding another.

Chris West

Hi Simon,
I would really like to order but deciding over fabric or buying the RTW shirts. Is the medium you are wearing in the photo after washing/shrinkage allowance? I struggle with shirts as i work out so shoulders always seem to be an issue even though I’m a true medium in sleeve length and body width/length.
Also on a side note – the 70s Levis’s, are these your usual vintage levis? Do you think the stonewash 501s you can buy from Levis current line will ever fade to that extent? I know they won’t get the honeycomb effect but i’m not fussed about that, just the fading and wearing.

Chris West


Chris West

Sorry i know it’s a little off topic from the shirts but staying on the vintage Levis, where would you recommend in London to try and get some?
I have seen a few on Broadway and Sons but they are obviously online which is a pain.
Many thanks,

Chris West

Thanks Simon.
I’m going to pop in the store whilst Rubato are in town – do you have any of the oxford shirts to try on?


Looks really nice. Have you considered making an ecru oxford? Could be really nice. They’re pretty hard to find, and would seem to be easy wear and go really nicely with the PS aesthetic. A grey stripe oxford would be another nice option.


Respectfully disagree! An ecru oxford is as great option. It goes with everything. It’s more subdued than white and colder than blue. Plus it’s relatively rare and hard to find. I think an ecru oxford would be easier to wear than an ecru overshirt because I find ecru (and lighter colors generally) work better as under- rather than over-layers. With an ecru overshirt I think you’d be quite limited in what you could wear beneath it, and it might look a tad showy.

Ben R

I would second the ecru Oxford cloth. It is something I would love to find, but have not been able to find.


How fitted are the shirts around the waist? Would it be similar to a Ralph Lauren custom fit shirt, or looser? Many thanks.


Would you agree that it’s not essential to have too fitted a waist – a bit of looseness can be part of the look? I usually size up in my shirts to get the fit right in the shoulders – but this usually means compromising on the waist. Over time I’ve grown to like this – it’s comfortable and not stuffy. But maybe I’m just trying to convince myself…

Dan James

Lovely addition to the PS line-up. Personally I think the collar is great and rolls beautifully. With long arms I am most tempted to order a length of pink stripe and have it made up to fit.
Simon-you often say a grey herringbone jacket is almost an essential. I would love to see a feature on the grey herringbone jackets (and the merits of herringbone In general) you have and not just the light grey one on this feature.
One last thing. Is it me or is last photo of green stripe shirts posted twice?


Image repeat

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 17.47.48.png

A first-time load of the page on an iPad produces the same effect, that picture is rendered twice.


Well, it is clearly not just me – see Dan’s comment. Also, it was like that from very first thing this morning. I was just returning to read the comments. Obviously this is utterly trivial. Fwiw, this persists across browsers and platforms (phone, laptop, desktop – all apple, but various browsers).


If it helps: the two images have fractionally different file names and one is a .tiff and the other is a .jpg


I see double too, on my iPhone.


This guy looks very streetwear. Odd silhouette.

Dan James

Simon-Thanks for getting back to me. I guess the lighter colours and herringbones cloths are better suited to spring and summer and darker and heavier ones for autumn and winter. It might stop my procrastination over which one to go for although I leaning towards charcoal and mid grey herringbone in wool (maybe with a touch of cashmere) for next winter..
Still two photos of the over size green and white butcher stripe shirt.


Beautiful jacket, Ciardi really nailed all the jackets they made for you. Do you plan on reviewing it ?


Just the pleasure of indulging in the review of a beautiful product, but I see your point on how it provides no added value

Jim Bainbridge

I like the green particularly – one of my favourite OCBDs is one from Brooks in that cadet blue type colour stripe – so it’s actually blue but often looks green. I think it looks great with just about everything. I’d definitely go for a plain cream or ecru if you were ever looking for suggestions. 🙂


The pale green is really nice. Great addition, Simon.
If only I could find a shirtmaker in my area who can make one up with a good collar roll!


since I really love my pink (much more casual pink that’s by now tipping a bit into purple due) Ralph Lauren Oxford, pink stripes might be a really nice addition! I never thought I’d like a green stripes, but knowing how subtle you do it, I’m really curious to see them in pop up!

p.s. any chance to see your brown tote? I was planning to pop by on Wednesday.

brown cardigan? that might just tip me into buying one!


Thank you!


How heavy is the cloth? Can you wear it during a hot weather such as in summer or it more of a fall/winter cloth? Heavier than Drake’s oxford shirts?


Great additions Simon!
Very welcome.

One more question:

How do you like the dark brown 4-ply especially in comparison to your old brown crispaire?
Are the shades similar? I guess it falls among the colder dark browns you talked about a lot recently.
Would it make for a good dark brown suit?

Thank you!



Love the subtle green. Even though it’s typically thought of as a color for warm weather, I find that pale/minty greens pair really well with black and charcoal. I like wearing these colors together in the winter for a slightly unusual but nice combination


New shirts look great! Out of curiosity, any plans on ever shaving the beard? I took mine off last year for the first time in awhile and it’s been so nice to feel the breeze on my chin after all these years! Wife approves as well.


Very nice, Simon.

I have a soft spot for striped shirts. I enjoy channeling my inner Jackal from 1973 played by Edward Fox, sans the hitman escapades of course.

I think I’ll find myself ordering the pink and green in the near future and any variations of them that might come.


Hi Simon, you mentioned a quick restock is planned. Is this just for the shirts or for the cloth as well? I noticed the green stripe cloth is sold out already.

Aaron L

It’s autumn here in New Zealand. Can I buy your cardigan? ?

Reuven Lax

The cloth seems to have sold out quickly 🙁 Any plans to restock?

Reuven Lax

Sorry – I interpreted the article to mean that the shirts would be restocked. I was unclear whether the cloth lengths would be as well!


After seing shirts in person, i dont think pictures do justice in how subtle they are. Side by side with blue stripes i think would get the point across much better!

Green. Such a subtle green, unless you look really close looks more like grey-blue stripes than green.
Pink. Such subtle stripes that indoors unless you look close, it almost looks like plain pink!

So if simone wont dissapoint me with my shirt, i can definetely see eventually adding those to my wardrobe.


Will there be likely any shrinkage around the shoulders and/or chest, as well? I once had an everyday denim shirt in M and it was too tight in those areas but given the measurements listed for the Oxfords in M, these could be a nice fit. However, the chambray is listed as being narrower in the chest.


I can second that a green-striped Oxford shirt is more versatile than many think. I have one from Stenströms and wearing it quite a lot

Would I have known that you would have one in your shop, I would have waited, though. While Stenströns shirts are not bad at all, your Oxford shirts are just 1-2 categories better.


You’re mentioning some shrinkage in body and arm length. Do you have an idea of how much it will shrink in the width around the chest?

Harry of Monmouth

Explain, classic cotton Oxford
Why NO breast pocket
The whole world, wonders around with a smart phone, possibly the safest place to keep?



First off, the shirts look great. Just how versatile are they in terms of trouser formality? I can see wearing them with denim, certainly, as well as with flannel and a sports coat. I can see from the article that you’re also wearing one with a high-twist wool. But how much more formal than that can they get? What other textures/cloth types will they pair with?

Also, out of curiosity, why did you choose not to use cream in the shirts, as you did with the pale blue striped oxford?


Hi simon, i recently bought a vintage 90s ralph lauren oxford ‘big’ shirt which fits like a tent but I actually quite like the fabric. It’s matte but smooth without being too heavy. I’m wondering is such a fabric considered pinpoint (I doubt it though)? Or something else that is usually exclusive to rtw? Would love to have such a fabric in a mtm shirt but never quite seen them in swatch books at tailors.


I used to wear those RL Big Oxford shirts. They were made with a similar type of cloth that Brooks Brothers used in their shirts. They did fit like tents but that was the “look” in those days worn with a pair of baggy RL chinos.


Wanted to get the blue, white, green stripe and pink stripe but sadly all out of stock in my size. Will they all be restocked at the same time? Ordering them individually does make the shipping cost add up so would prefer to buy all in one go.


Hi Simon, I was wondering if you find dark brown smarter than mid-grey high-twist trousers?
Also, I am not sure if I remember it correctly but I think I read from another article that you also had one made in Ascot 6ply. If it’s right, how is that compared to 4ply?

Many thanks,


Hi Simon, these striped oxfords would presumably be more casual than the PS white Oxford? Your comment that these add some interest to a solid-colour outfit (such as a navy blazer, which I recall you did a whole article about), which what I am looking for. Is there any difference in formality between the pink and green, or indeed the blue when it is restocked? That green looks particularly tempting…

Many thanks.

Nigel C

Simone Abbarchi just sent over my latest shirts. A pink stripe, a green stripe and a plain pink. I went for broke and got all I’d not already got. They really are special. It may sound odd but they’ve a real 3D quality about the weave when you look at them – so much nicer than the regular Oxford stripes you see about. Thank you Simon and Simone.
Best wishes N


Hello Simon. On the topic of shirts, is there a PS article on what type of shirt to wear (or not wear) with what outer layer. For instance, would a linen shirt be ok with a linen and cotton jacket (or is this too much linen)? Not to wear an Oxford shirt with a fine knit as it’s too thick? I’ve browsed the website and while I’ve noted the odd comment on passing (eg the Oxford shirt/fine knit point in response to a reader’s question) and could not see an article on this – sorry if I missed it.


The green stripe is very interesting. It’s hard to estimate color from a screen, but as some others said, it looks almost white with some very, very subtle green. Simon, how accurate would you say the photos portray the color? I am shy with colors, but somehow I like the look of the green stripe and it looks very versatile. Does it pass almost as a white shirt in real life or how would you describe it? I like the idea of a sturdier “dress” type of shirt that would be smart yet casual. Thanks!


Thank you Simon! That is very interesting indeed. I will probably have to try it out as it seems so versatile.


Simon, I received two shirts from Luca Avitabile and am struggling to understand if they fit well. The fit through chest and arms is very good, but the waist seems wide…or at least wider than I am used to.

To me they seem a little billowy, but then again I can sit down comfortably although there is perhaps still a little excess fabric when sitting.

How do I know if this fits as is supposed to?

Thanks so much


Note: There’s a lot of questions in this comment, I apologize for that in advance.
I’ve always thought that the holy trinity of OCBDs as being white, light blue and a blue stripe. I’ve got those already covered, but I’m not thinking of other options as well. I feel like pink has generally been another “classic” colour and now I’ve grown to appreciate yellow a lot more lately. However, I’ve never really thought about green. First, do you think pink/yellow would generally be the second wave of OCBDs you should get after the white, light blue and a blue stripe? Second, with respect to pink, between solid pink and a pink stripe such as this, which would you prefer and why? Third, where does green sit in all this – in terms of striped versus solid. Lastly, I noticed on your webstore that you have a pink stripe and solid, but only a yellow solid and green stripe. Is there a reason for that?


Hi simon have you ever tried zephyr weave oxfords and if you have, how do you feel about them? I live in a humid country and have been told zephyr is a good lightweight alternative to traditional oxford also without a sheen. Wondering if that is true.

On the side. Would you recommend a blue or white Oxford shirt as the first one to have assuming i do not own both and work in a very casual setting

Damien Lao

Hi Simon,

What’s your take on having pockets on your Oxfords. Such as BB, J.Press.

Damien Lao

Hi Simon,

What’s your take on box pleats at the back? Such as


As this cloth is prone to shrinkage, at which temperature would you recommend washing the shirts?


Hi Simon, I was just wondering if you have ever thought about making cream or cream/white striped PS fabrics? As I have noticed the cream fabrics offered by bespoke shirtmakers mostly have a strong shade of yellow, especially in Oxford and cotton/linen.

Many thanks,

Edwin Rothengatter

Hey Simon,

I hope you are doing great, do you happen to have the hem width measurements of the size M and L of the PS oxfords. Thanks in advance!

Edwin Rothengatter

Hi Simon,

I ment the hip measurement yes (so basically across the garment from the end of one seam to the other). I’ll mail the support team!

P.S. Any update about the PS tapered t shirts btw? Looking to buy a grey one to complete the set. The t-shirts fit perfect after tapering the hem to an size L. Also happy I went with the L on the undershirts, the only thing that doesn’t fit is the shoulder width on them, but that’s not really an issue in terms of wearability since they are so stretchy.