Overshirts and oxfords back in stock, plus restocking schedules

Friday, June 9th 2023
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The PS Oxfords in blue and white have just been restocked, as have the overshirts in navy (above). The shorts (below) also came in a week ago.

Given the number of questions there have been about restocks, and issues with delays, we also thought it was worth doing a more general round-up of products. That's listed below. 

We've organised this list in a very particular order, following some questions about the shop and how stock operates. In future we will try to separate products into year-round and seasonal items, so it’s clearer that some are always being restocked - it’s just a question of waiting for the delivery - and some only come back once a year, such as coats in winter or shorts in summer. 

The system isn’t quite as clean as that yet, but hopefully this rough division helps with communication and expectations. 

The latest with the seasonal summer products is:

PS Shorts - They’ve been restocked and sold about half so far. The navy is pictured above.

Linen Overshirts - There have been continued issues with the cloth supplier, which has had two effects: a major delay on release and having to drop one colour from this year. 

The Navy has been restocked and a new Black (below) will be coming in the next couple of weeks, but the Brown is having to be put off until next summer, as the cloth won’t be arriving until the autumn (despite being ordered almost a year earlier). There is some stock on the shop already, including the green. 

Finest Polos - We have had our delivery for this year and are working on next year’s, so please do leave us comments if you have any feedback or colour requests.

Bullskin Totes - We tend to have two deliveries a year of this. One is on its way so if you are interested please sign up to the waiting list.

Then there are the seasonal winter products:

Tweed - We have a restock of the PS Shetland Tweed coming and still have some limited stock of the PS Harris Tweed.

Shawl Collar Cardigan - Restock arriving in October. Stock will be in navy, grey and brown. Brown will be on display at the June 27th event in London. 

Cashmere Rugby - Restock of navy, grey and a new colour. 

PS Watch Cap - Restock of all colours

PS Arran scarf - Restock of all colours and a new colour

And the winter outerwear

Reversible Suede Bomber (above) - No current restock planned but mostly good stock and will be redone next year

Donegal Coat - Small restock of the light grey in Autumn, plus there is some stock of the navy

Bridge Coat and Wax Walker - Both will be restocked

Trench Coat - This item is not being restocked, although Private White has some stock left. This is largely because a new, single-breasted raincoat is being launched in September. 

New Coat - To Be Announced, a proper winter overcoat, coming later in the season

And now the year-round products: 

Oxford shirts and cloth - the blue stripe will be back very soon. We’ve had some issues with the cloth suppliers and extended delays, and have started to order twice the fabric to remedy these, so hopefully you will find these in stock more of the time.

Coloured Oxfords - The pink- and green-striped oxfords will be restocked at least once more before switching to any new colours. 

Dartmoor knits - Being restocked this Autumn

Tapered T-Shirts - The demand for these has continuously outstripped supply, but they are being constantly reordered. (And at the moment there is still some stock in popular sizes.) The next order will include a long-waited grey melange, and will hopefully be with us around the end of August, though we haven't had confirmation of that yet.

Selvedge Chambray - We have a new order in place for these and should be fully stocked in the coming months.

Finest Crewneck (below) - We are in the process of ordering more but the lead times are especially long, so they will not be back until September. We are trying to keep these in stock going forward, as we see them as an important part of the PS range.

Friday Polo - We have reviewed this product over the last year and are changing the style slightly to fit a broader range of styles. The new version should hopefully launch in late summer or early autumn.

The Undershirt - We are going to restock this but the minimums are incredibly high, so it may not be here until much later in the year.

Other than the Trench Coat, two other items are being discontinued: 

The Short-Sleeve Shirt - A popular but niche one, this won’t be restocked in either the plain or striped fabrics.

Everyday and Lighter Everyday Denim - These will be replaced with a new denim that we feel will fit better how the shirts have evolved, as more a ready-made offering than a cloth for bespoke. However, we have not been happy with the stability of the cloth on the current prototype, so this is a little delayed. 

Finally, we thought it was worth a note to say why we like the waiting list system on PS. 

A few readers have complained that by the time they get to an item, it has sold out in their size. We operate the waiting list so that the most engaged PS readers get first access to these products, and don’t have this frustration. The downside of this is that less regular visitors sometimes miss out.

We could carry a greater volume of stock, but being a small company, this would restrict the number of products we could offer - having twice the stock would mean we could carry roughly half the range. So on balance we think this is a good approach, and it works well for most readers. 

To give you some insight into the waiting list, we tend to send emails out on a Thursday (not always but normally) around 3-5pm GMT, so we can try to cover as many time zones as possible. As ever, any other questions about this process can be directed to Lucas on [email protected], or to both of us in the comments below. 

Thank you. 

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Hallo Simon,
I would like to get the Finest Polo in dark olive and dark brown. There is no chance that you ever do a made-to-order project with a broad range of colours?


I think dark olive and dark brown would be great options. However, I also feel like there are a lot of dark colors. Maybe a light blue would also be nice.


Any idea how to ‘stay’ in the waitlist/product release emails? I seem to be removed from it after receiving a single email.

Has happened maybe three times over the last couple years. Last email I got was the general restock one in Feb.

Ben R

Good to know. I somehow missed the green stripe Oxford cloth. I tried to purchase as soon as I saw the email in the inbox, but no luck this round.

Ben R

Must have been a cookie issue or something… but shortly after my comment post my browser updated their stock status. But I had used different devices and browser windows yesterday and today hoping that was the case. Have to love technology! But the green stripe cloth has been acquired so all is well.

Lucas Nicholson

Hi Danny
Just to clarify once we have sent you one email for a product we remove you from the list, so it is best to resign up afterwards. I know that could be a bit frustrating there is no other way other than sending everyone who has joined a waiting list an email every time. Or we go through every sale and manually update the list which just isn’t feasible. I would say if in doubt sign up for the wait list again, we clean the data so you shouldn’t get more than one email.


Thanks team, I’m actually talking about the ‘shop and product’ subscription option. This should be an ongoing mail list right?

‘Shop and Product is an email alerting you to all new products being launched by Permanent Style before going public, you will also receive updates on special projects and important restocks’


Lovely, good to know I’m not just going blind!

Thanks 🙂

Chris West

Hi Simon,
Re Oxford shirts – assuming you are wearing RTW medium in all of the photos linked to the product on shop? The only reason i ask is because the green stripe and white look very different fits.


Thanks Simon for the update. I was genuinely surprised by how extensive and diverse your clothing range has become over time. I empathise with your supply issues having dealt with suppliers back in the day (not clothing). Trying to get the balance right between ‘just in time’ efficient supply and the less efficient of holding inventory in the supply chain, is a constant challenge.
Wishing you all the best with what you have planned this year and looking forward to the new proper winter overcoat and new raincoat – I always have an interest in good outerwear!

Peter Hall

Interesting. Glad to see that things are being successful .

Will the raincoat be ventile?

Peter Hall

That’s fine. Now that I’m back travelling ,my raincoat has proved incredibly versatile and in need of replacement.


Delays can be good for wallet.

Since we are trying to get a mortgage now, ill need to pause 1000£ purchases for a while.

Nice to hear i managed to get last run of a trench! Maybe couple years from now i can sell it for double what i paid! 🙂
According to fc, brown tote will be in stock end of july, begining of august. Ill do my best to snap up but if it sells out, oh well, next year it is.
Oxford. First shirt from simone had a much better results than i got from luca, so if second shirt manages to improve on that, im definetely getting more.
My wallet says thank you hearing brown overshirt will be back next year!
Bomber, redone, not restocked? Curious…
Winter overcoat, curious!
So i guess this winter ill have to choose between tote, cardigan or donegal, whatever will be in stock or coming soon when i can manage to put 1000£ aside.


Im kinda torn about bomber. Its kind of been on my radar since you came out with brown valstarino. Than i saw blue one in pop up. Wasnt impressed. Took it off my radar. Last year managed to check out valstarino in trunk. Put it back on my radar. Than i tried on this years bomber. Lovely suede, fits me better than valstarino. I just like valstarino pockets and price better.

P.s. i dont know what was about the blue one, it was quite a while ago, but what i rememeber, suede just seemed… stiff and thin? Not buttery soft and luxurious at all! Which is really strange because valstarino i tried last year and pwc bomber is just great!


Hi Simon,

When will the yellow oxford cloth be coming back?


Hi Simon, curious to know what changes will be made to the Friday polo “…changing the style slightly to fit a broader range of styles.” Thanks.

Matthew V

Good things take time to get right, and just get sometimes! So I expect most readers can understand the lead in times!
Interesting on the cloth issues, is that just a backlog at the mills, maybe a post Covid issue with some closing so less choice now?

Matthew V

Well that is better than them closing, hopefully things will settle post Covid as time goes along. It will be interesting to read how the industry feels at Pitti next week. (I will get there one day…)


I love my PS Donegal coat (I have the heavier brown version). It’s my most used overcoat. I’ve been contemplating getting the grey because the herringbone is such a beautiful fabric. However I’m intrigued by the upcoming new coat. Are there any details you can reveal Simon? Colour? Type of fabric? Manufacturer? Weight?

Thanks for this post by the way. I find it useful to know what might be coming as well as when products might be restocked.


As a guy who was just about to order a PS Polo coat in grey herringbone from The Anthology, any comment you can give comparing it to that without giving too much away?


That suffices thank you. Will stick with the Anthology one.

Ben R

Will the cloth be on offer for this true winter coating? Or was that more trouble than worth with the Donegals?

Ben R

Sounds like a reasonable plan. I am looking forward to seeing the announcement of the coat later this year.


Apologies if missed – any plans to tweak the Bridge or leave as is?


Hi Simon,
Any plans to restock the regular, non-striped OCBD pink cloth?
Please bring back the grey Finest Polo for next year.

Ben R

I would vote, if there is an informal poll, to make the solid pink Oxford cloth year-round. It’s a staple in my rotation, and I could use a new length of cloth to have a replacement made.

Matt L

I have similar feelings about the yellow. I like it with my complexion no matter the weather.

Toby Hunnest

I have a PS oxford, and a couple from Luxire.
Nothing to choose between them frankly, but availability and price mean Luxire wins.


Hi Simon,

A very useful update, thanks a lot! I’m very much intrigued by the plans to release a proper winter overcoat. Could you share a bit more details on this such as colour, style, cloth, etc?

It would be handy as I was planning to commission one bespoke later this summer but may very well be persuaded to wait for your version.



Thanks Simon, I understand. Double-breasted in heavy wool sounds great! (I am keeping my fingers crossed for an Ulster in navy.)

Do you have a rough timeline in mind for when this would be released? I expect it would be a big purchase so it would be useful to plan ahead.


Would you be willing to share the weight of the wool?


I know you cant say much but will it be made by PWVC?

And lastly, how come you didnt mention the Shearlings? Will Cromford still have both the olive and brown colour of the 1st coat? and will there be another colour for the 2nd Fielding coat


another question here… since Donegal was “almost” a winter coat and now true winter coat is coming.. does it mean it’ll get discontinued or turn into lighter weight autumn coat?

Rhys Williams

It would be great for knitwear, polos or cardigans and sweaters to perhaps capture an elegant and subdued lavender or lilac. This colour compliments navy, olive, grey and black beautifully. I’ve been so happy with every purchase I’ve made, keep up the great work, the quality is really exceptional.

Ben R

As for suggestions, an ecru/cream Oxford cloth would be much appreciated.


Is there any defined timing for when the Bridge Coat will be restocked?


Thanks for the updates. On the matter of what would like to seen going forward, for me the finest polo back in cream, again.

Hopefully, you can make that happen!

Good luck


You mention some “limited stock” of the PS Harris tweed. Can we expect a restock when that runs out? I’m commissioning something in it later this year (Oct/Nov) and not sure whether I need to order ASAP.


Thanks! I’ll certainly order before Oct.


hi all from new york and thanks for the update. Wanted to add my name to the wait list for the brown shawl but didn’t see it in the pop-up section. I trust this is different from the cream color that I already left a deposit for. Unless I’m wrong, would you/will you be adding brown to the list? Many thanks.


All great news!
I would request the Finest Polo in cream.

Jordan N

Any chance the Finest Polo will revert to last year’s fit/style? That fit was perfect for me, while this year’s was a little too baggy.


For what it’s worth, I second Jordan’s feedback. Preferred the fit of the original. Would sizing down be an option, or would the proportions be off?
Also, just want to add to the others commenting on how fantastic all of the products are (at least speaking for the items I have). Really pleased to see the PS store doing so well. I admire the commitment to producing thoughtful, quality clothing.


Hi Simon,

Love the quality and attention to detail that you bring to all of these. Adding a vote for the Finest Polo in Cream as it seems like it would be nicely paired with olive shorts for the warmer months.

I missed out on the PS shorts this year, but maybe I’ll catch them next year. Also looking forward to the tapered t-shirt restocks and the arran scarfs, in particular.

By the way – do you know if the PS brown overshirt is the same linen that Luca uses MTO (I think his is called “Sandlewood”) or is it a special PS-only cloth?


Having learnt from previous mistakes in waiting a few hours before placing an order only to find you were out of stock, I hit the order button immediately today. Now fingers crossed it fits ?. Good incorporation of Apple Pay into the process, much easier than many (much larger) merchants e-commerce platforms.


Hi Simon,
Are the “seasonal” oxfords just referring to the striped patterns, or are they a lighter cloth as well? I thought they were all the same cloth/weight, etc.
Also, will the brown donegal overcoat with the colored specs be coming back? I would request that, to be sure.


Hi Simon,

Sorry for the unrelated question: have you happened to try on Rubato’s Firemans Jacket during the pop-up? How versatile did you find it?



Great, cheers Simon! That’s very helpful.


Hi Simon,
I’ll vote for the finest polo in cream and charcoal XXL and the cashmere rugby in grey – also XXL.
I’ve finally learned not to delay when the “in stock” email arrives. Your clothes are great and, understandably, sizes sell out fast.
Keep up the excellent work – I really enjoy your blog.


Hi Simon – what trainers are you wearing in the second picture?

Dan James

All great news. Like many, my interest is piqued by the new winter overcoat and as much I would like to hear more about it, I will respect Simon’s secrecy and will wait.
Personally I much prefer the Finest Polo this year. The fit suits me better with it being a wee bit longer and looser.
Any chance of the Linen Madras (or something akin) making a comeback? And I’d love to see a PS grey herringbone fabric for jacketing.


Hi Simon

Do you think the Oxfords would be too hot for a 23 degrees Celsius weather with a light jacket on top?



Thank you Simon


Oh no… I was looking forward to the short sleeve shirt this year. Was saving up for it and eagerly waiting. Guess I’ll have to find a tailor to get me a similar shirt…

Peter Hall

After an unfortunate mustard/grandchild/PS Oxford interaction, I can confirm that the regular PS shirts are great tailored into short sleeve shirts.


As a seasoned veteran of the shop and waiting list I find the whole process works well – particularly because of these updates.

It helps me plan my overall purchases to avoid similar items across different retailers and gives me something to look forward to.

Shame on the Brown over-shirt but it may push me to get the Black anyway just to see how it works with my wardrobe.


Hi Simon, I had understood from priori exchanges that a brown Donegal restock was planned as well. Was it cancelled? (Or did I misunderstand?)


The Dartmoor and Finest polo are great items.
If at any tine more colors (maybe also more light colors specially for the polo) could ever be added II would be interested.


Excellent news concerning the Friday Polo! I have the navy and was concerned that you’d discontinued it. Will you still carry the white and black colors?


By the sound of things you are going to be on another winner with your forthcoming winter overcoat. Congratulations! Would I be worrying unnecessarily about missing out? I’ve put off a purchase for the last two years, as I’ve found nothing that was quite right. As one would expect, the cost is going to be probably the most expensive for any single item of clothing that anyone might own and it’s for that reason that I’ve stood off. I’ve got a feeling you might nail this one Simon. Will it be the usual, sign up to go on a waiting list? Could you offer a pre order option, to guarantee one on release?


Greeting Simon,
Curious about the socks worn in these- can you give details on these? (socks are so underappreciated)
Thank you


Hi Simon, was wondering if you are planning any other new releases this year, beyond the two coats (winter and new trench) mentioned here? PS products are always best-in-class so i like to know what’s coming if possible.



Thanks Simon. Also, in case it’s in the works, would love to see your old Army chinos come back as a collab. I have a pair of the Real McCoys pair that you reviewed, which are great, but wish the rise were higher. Cheers.


Cream Dartmoor and Finest polo please! Would love to see those back.


Hi Simon,
We respect to the grey melange tapered t-shirts, will the dimensions/sizes remain the same as the last batch?
Many thanks in advance.


Hi Simon,
I just received the linen overshirt in navy, and must say that it is a wonderful garment. The weighting and drape is perfect for the warm tropical weather here in Singapore. Will be ordering the brown once it is back in stock. The shipping process was also very efficient. Kudos.
Separately, now that you have introduced shorts, any plans to bring in chinos or similar? The Armoury pair that you have is very nice, but challenging to find a similar pair.


I would be grateful for some further information on the new denim – if you may. Any reasons for only offering a RTW shirt as opposed to selling the cloth as well?

My experience with the existing PS denims has been good but the cloth has essentially become white in certain areas (especially on the collar and the cuffs) but not on the body – no bad thing but had hoped for some uniformity after the amount of wear and washing.

Ben R

Just wanting to check my understanding… will the new denim(s) only be offered as a shirt? Or will it also be offered as a cut-length cloth?

Ben R

Thank you for the confirmation.


Glad I ordered a couple of pairs….I hadn’t done as I thought I would prefer the original length. But I didn’t! Silhouette is great as is the make.
How about some white ones for next year!!!

Simon G

Hi Simon,

Very helpful post, thanks. Recently got a swatch of the PS Harris Tweed and love it. I’ll probably slot it in my wardrobe building plan as my next jacket so I’m glad to hear there will be a seasonal restock.


Thanks Simon, for the update and explaining the choices that were made in the restocking of items and in general in the thought process of the PS product line. I would like to see the return of the cream finest polo, which i regret not purchasing when it was still being sold.


Will the raincoat have a hood?

I am planning of buying one but can wait until fall.


I understand that in the city. Does that also apply to the countryside?


Simon, so you’d then advise against the detachable hoods on Barbours and in the same vein wouldn’t make a similar one for the Wax Walker?


Hi Simon,

Signed up for the Black Linen Overshirts yesterday, but noticed that all sizes show out of stock on the store page.

Have they already been stocked for the year and sold out; or have they yet to be stocked yet?

Ben R

Have there been additional delays/issues with the blue strip Oxford cloth? I do not remember seeing a notice in my inbox. And I do not see the product on the shop page. Am I having a browser/cookie issue or is the blue stripe page deactivated at the moment?

Lucas Nicholson

Hello Ben

The cloth has been delayed unfortunately but we are expecting to have a full restock of cloth and shirts in early September. The product page does seem to be present on the shop though so that may be a browser issue.



Ben R

Thank you. I’ll try to trouble shoot the browser. I can see the PS Striped Oxford – Shirt product, but not the cloth on the Cloth & Fabric page.

Ben R

Ok so I found the PS Oxford Cloth item (the blue stripe Oxford) on the store. It is appearing on the Shirts page not the Fabric page. I have attached a screen shot. I also have included the URL. If you wanted to see if this is unique to my browser or a coding issue.

Lucas Nicholson

Hello Ben

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for pointing this out. I have rectified this now.



Hi Lucas,
Will this planned September restock also include the standard blue oxford cloth?


Hi Simon,

Just getting the finances in order. Is it the raincoat still scheduled to launch in September?

Saw a photo of you wearing the coat on your Instagram the other month – I thought it looked fantastic! Was that the final design or more of an initial prototype?


Perfect! Thank you!

Sorry, one more question. Are there any more plans to restock the OCBD fabrics this year (blue, blue stripe, pink, yellow)?



Just tried to find it but can’t. Can you remember when? I’d like to have a look…


Did I miss the September restock of the Oxford cloth or is that still coming/delayed?