My first book, Le Snob: Tailoring, is released this week on Amazon. The German version, released last month, has already sold out from UK stockists.

Despite the name, it is a guide to tailoring that would suit even the most naive beginner. It covers everything from buying a suit off the peg that fits you, to summer cloth options for bespoke.

I’m pleased with how it has turned out – the hard cover in particular and Moleskin-like elasticated band are smart. The only thing I might change is the watercolour illustrations, which although highly decorative are not always the best medium to illustrate the nuances of tailoring.

It seems odd that this is just out, given that it was begun two years ago, but then the next book is on course for Spring 2012 (luxury factories around the world) and we’re in discussions for number three.

I hope you like it.