Apparently I’m now a pin-up for Ralph Lauren Rugby, and its sponsorship of the Tweed Run in New York.

Click on the site here and scroll down to the photos from past events at the bottom.
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Safe to assume your image was used without permission? Once an image gets on the web, it’s virtually public domain As much as I dislike misappropriation, at least RL’s graphics are well done.
(You realize of course, you’ve given Ralph and Tweed Run more free publicity!) Just be happy it wasn’t T.H.!


Well done!
Handsome gear and a handsome bike. It looks like a fun event, too. If it makes it to Los Angeles someday I might participate myself. Although I hope that if it does they do a better job of spelling Los Angeles than they did of spelling Tokyo in the video..


Those shirts that RL Rugby has in the Mens sale look good with the club collars.

Does anyone know where these styles can be bought anywhere else? RL’s prices are a bit steep for me.