If you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping begins in earnest this week. Just long enough ahead to get everything done, but little enough time to inject a little panic into the process.

Here are a few suggestions from a few of my favourites.

I recently bought a couple of the cable knit sweaters from Will at A Suitable Wardrobe, and highly recommend the single ply knit in particular. Be aware of the sizing though – the single ply comes up quite a lot snugger than the double ply.

My favourite Drake’s item, on the other hand, is the untipped and hand-rolled grenadines they do – unfortunately only in an 8cm size, but I’m pushing for 9cm.

On the subject of ties, Turnbull & Asser has recently introduced a lovely cashmere range, all made at their factory that has recently moved to new premises. I particularly like the tipping in T&A paisley, which will eventually feature on all ties.

Hangers make great Christmas gifts, but from Kirby’s selection I would recommend his Santa Maria Novella shave sets (above). It’s great stuff.

People probably aren’t that familiar with English retailer Lissom & Muster, but they have a really nice eye for accessories as well as nice staples for riding and outdoor activities. I recommend the Cherchbi bags or sage green silk handkerchief.

If you have a chance to pop into Trunk Clothiers, my favourite emporium in London, watch out for Mats’s personally commissioned knitwear and scarves under the Trunk label. Grey, navy and natural, beautiful slim cuts and oversizes.

For retail by post, no one beats the packaging of Mes Chaussettes Rouge. Lovely gift boxes and handwritten cards. I suggest a few pairs for father.

For small leather goods, Ettinger’s range is unbeatable and that mustard yellow lining has always appealed.

But again, if you’re in London and want something really unique, Tim’s antiques at Bentley’s in Gieves is worth a visit. See his gifts page here (Hermes cigar case above).

If you’re heading off anywhere hot over the winter, I hate you. Only joking. Make sure to get some Orlebar Browns or, if your taste is more to the decorative, some Chuc’s bathers. And Mr Porter has the best selection online of classic sunglasses (Persol pair, bottom).

It’s actually cold enough to have to wear gloves now, so buy a Peccary pair at Dent’s, or socks to warm the other extremities, at Corgi.

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