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Monday, March 7th 2022
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The search function on Instagram can be a bit useless. 

No matter how many great, quality brands I engage with, most of what IG pushes at me is men in suits so tight they can barely breathe, and people doing silly stunts.

Far more useful, often, is looking at people you respect, and seeing which accounts they follow. That’s led me down numerous fascinating rabbit holes, including niche worlds of Japanese workwear and portraits of British aristocracy.

So, I thought an interesting post could come from asking some of those people I respect, which two accounts they would recommend to readers. 

The accounts had to be relatively unknown, directly inspiring in terms of clothing, and be accompanied by a brief explanation of how that inspiration usually manifested itself.

Here are the people, and the people they recommended. Let the following commence. 

(And as ever, of course, please feel free to add your own two recommendations in the comments. Brief explanations also very welcome.)

Scott Simpson, The Scott Fraser Collection


Love this Simon, it’s like the players’ players! So for No 1 I pick Ginga Ayuha [shown top] - he’s got a clear way of dressing. Sharp, and not afraid to use colour to accent more muted tones. What I really like is that he makes use of a more 80s silhouette, which is rare today - it looks new and fresh to me, without it looking dress up.

@alladinfaily (above)

No2 - a pure-bred blender of vintage and new. He has his own sense of style, which I always enjoy to see from people. I don’t want to emulate it, but I want to applaud it from a distance. Great at layering different textures and colours and and has been consistently into the western thing for time.

Ethan Wong, writer and podcaster


He posts outfits occasionally and on his stories, and I also wrote an essay about him and our  friendship. We tend to be on the same wavelength and text each other quite often, so lately I’ve been inspired by him and vice versa, especially during his recent trip to Paris.

@SuzukiSora (above)

I think sora is good too! I get some ‘menswear merger’ inspiration from him, as well as some 90s vibes. I don’t necessarily dress like sora but the ideas of slouch and recontextualizing certain clothing are good to note from him.

Fei Wang, aka Mr Slowboy, illustrator

@The.Debonairs (above)

This focuses on men's fashion illustration, which is directly relevant to my work. But it works as a digital archive and a library of the apparel arts in America and Britain from the last century.


This account is portraiture driven, from painting to photography, from explicit naked to perfectly suited, from the German impressionist Friedrich Ahlers Hestermann's ‘Young Men in the Garden Pavillion’ to the self-taught French artist Jacques Emile Blanche's ‘Jean Cocteau’. Every artwork showcased is a masterpiece in its category.

Angel Ramos, 18th Amendment



@vintagelovertr (above)

For all three it’s the essence and love of imagery from those eras, which inspires me to create and dress every day. I’ve always been a huge fan of Americana style from the 80s and 90s.

And vintagelovertr has been a huge inspiration, as seeing how Ralph designed and dressed mannequins has inspired and taught me for years, as if I was an employee myself.

Greg Lellouche, No Man Walks Alone

@HWilberg (above)

A European living in the US Midwest, his style encompasses the best in Americana and European ‘heritage’ fashion, while staying fresh by playing with silhouettes, ample fits and accents. I love that every piece feels familiar, but the way he combines them is very much his own, without ever getting too weird.


Jon Moy is as OG as it gets from his time at Four Pins and Complex, and even though his writings have become rarer, his finger is still on the pulse. His Instagram story compendiums about what’s new, cool and refreshing in men’s fashion are simply the best, and super inspiring to me to discover young creators and brands.

Nathaniel Asseraf, Casatlantic

@NoamAsseraf (above)

Noam is my brother, but also the most grown up and mature 19-year-old I know. I especially like when he wears something like a 1940s denim jacket with beat-up jeans, 2000s Air Force Ones and a vintage basketball cap. I can’t pull it off like he does.


Aaron seems to have no limits to his imagination. Something 9.9/10 people would never consider mixing in an outfit looks simple and great on him. A true thrifter basically.

Mark Cho, The Armoury

@stephoncarson (above)

Stephon is my colleague at The Armoury in Tribeca and I really appreciate his style. He has a penchant for fuller fits and exuberant accessories. He is also keen on vintage and pre-owned clothing, helping to run a local monthly market for unwanted garments seeking a new home, which I find very admirable.


Yasunori Kobayakawa is I believe an art director at a ladieswear company in Japan. I think he has a great eye for photography and for clothing. I particularly like his use of colour.

Jamie Fergusonphotographer


A fellow Canadian who mixes a lot of Toronto sports-team gear into his fits, and looks like he has a lot of fun doing so. Big inspiration.

@KevisManzi (above)

Impeccable style. Next level dressing. Colour, pattern, fit, everything. And above all he also clearly enjoys his clothes.

Sean Crowley, Crowley Vintage

@Western.Gifts (above)

I love Western Gifts because they have a unique point of view and a distinctive style that’s apart from the rest of the men’s vintage scene.


A bright new spark in menswear journalism, with in-depth articles and beautiful photography.

Me (Simon), Permanent Style

@TheSimplicityMan (above)

Men’s spin-off of the popular womenswear account @SimplicityCity. The clothes are mostly 80s and 90s, or close to, but more importantly they celebrate a certain easy, simple way of dressing that feels very fresh. 

@ImJasonDiamond (below)

A US writer for GQ, the New Yorker and others, Jason’s account is wonderful for the imagery he picks up from old magazines, shoots and adverts. There’s always something interesting in all of them, no matter how unusual. 

I should add that I owe the discovery of both of those accounts to guys in our last pop-up. At least one was Tony Sylvester. So credit to Tony, and hopefully that only illustrates how useful this process can be.


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It will be nice to discover all those IG account. I suggest @otokomaeken a web magazine doing a terrible job at building the world ex ungue leonem. They use their giant photo tags archive to suggest possible outfits via several photos at each post.

Space Man

Good suggestion. Thank you.


Good morning….well written…it is always nice to read that one can dig someone else’s body of work… go enjoy yor day and week…peace


I recommend following @sirchristopherchu, whose most honourable mission it is to catalogue exhaustively the full spectrum of hideously clashing patterns for the benefit of every aspiring circus barker (credit to G Bruce Boyer for that metaphor).


Kind of tangential but I saw an Italian film recently (La Grande Bellezza / The Great Beauty) and if the main character had an Instagram he would definitely be on this list. The film itself… well, it’s rather continental, and not for kids, but critically acclaimed.


Yes i was Attolini

Lars Nielsen

Great post Simon. I like to look at @copenhagenguystyle @brothersmarfil @kiggetprivat @thesoftarmour @sartorialnotes. For the simple reason that its nice to follow some fellow danes dressing well and buying bespoke. If you are into classic menswear in Jutland, its very lonely. We could definitely learn something from the Swedes.


Thanks for this comment! After two years of living in Copenhagen, I only knew @sartorialnotes.

Peter Hall
JUCO photo represents the collaborative work of Julia Johnson and Cody Cloud, two artists who met in 2002 at The San Francisco Art Institute. Their work is best known for bold and playful use of colors and shapes. Photographers with a great eye for colour and fashion. Their website is more fashion orientated but is also a visual feast.


Great post and pleased I already follow a few of these accounts!
Simon – I am based in NYC and in need of a classic navy, year-round/workhorse suit. Do you have a few recommendations in the $1k-1.5k range? Open to RTW, MTM, bespoke, whatever you think is the best value/quality. Much appreciated in advance.

Sartorial Louisianian

You may want to check out @ for a remote MTM suit that will likely be in your price range.

Peter Zottolo

@vintagemenswearmagazines is a great fountain of inspiration from the past. Not everything is anything I’d wear, but it’s fun nonetheless.
I second the recommendation for @kevismanzi as his ability to combine various styles and still look good attests to his focus on color, texture, and silhouette rather than an exacting regurgitation of the past.
@r_bak_ goes all in with the noir western vibes and I love it. While hats and indigenous prints may not be for everyone, many of his looks are fairly subdued and easy wearable.

Prince Florizel of Bohemia

I came across @HWilberg recently thought interviews on thehulseystyle youtube channel. I struggle with some of the outfits, e. g. the one on the photo here, combining sockless loafers with thick woollen knitwear and overcoat. However, I found fascinating that someone can have such and intellectual and academic approach behind dressing. It was worthwhile watching.  


Aaron Levine got my favourite looks. He looks modern, urban, practical and super cool. Clearly he’s great at mixing genres and churning out a coherent style. He’s snuck in band tees, leopard prints, grungy cardigans and even MM tabis! All supposedly age-inappropriate for him but he’s somehow made it work.

Sartorial Louisianian

I recommend @Pultron since I didn’t see any IG accounts that feature big guys. Also, I would recommend for sartorialism in an overall sense. And, very few can pull off a wide range of colors like Terry Corbett.


Not unknown but paulluxsartoria is a must-follow imo.


Check out imtheultimatehashtag on Instagram. He’s bold in some of his ensembles, but I like it. He definitely mixes the classics with a touch of modern

Other Aaron

Any Southern Hemisphere suggestions? Looking at everyone’s tweed in the middle of our summer has been making me sweaty.