As mentioned on Monday, last week I was in Madrid to speak at a meeting of the El Aristocrata gentleman’s club. Speakers below, left to right: tailor Jose Maria Reillo, shoemaker Norman Vilalta, me, Jose Maria (El Aristocrata) and Luca Rubinacci. 

It was a nice event and great to see so many young Spanish men with a passion for tailoring, particularly in a country where there has been so little focus on bespoke for years. And credit must go to Jose Maria, the aristocrat himself, for turning a blog into something more substantial. 
Luca, of course, we know very well, and his rhapsodising about the future of menswear went down very well, as did his demonstrations of the virtues of the Neapolitan cut. And he manages to make strong colours work together well. Which I admire ever so much more.


Norman, on the other hand, I did not know but is a true artist and a lovely man to boot. Below, a one-piece shoe of his with the leather lasted over the heel, and the shoes he was wearing – made with frayed cloth and worn to death in his Mallorcan workshop.