The Spanish version of How to Spend It, Fueria de Serie, interviewed me and did a photo shoot when I visited Jose Maria’s Club Aristocrata last year. The piece came out today.

Unless your Spanish is a lot better than mine, you won’t be able to read the interview. But the picture is nice.

Linen suit by Terry Haste; shirt by Turnbull & Asser; handkerchief by Rubinacci; shoes by Cleverley.   On the table my antique croc cigarette case, now used to carry my phone, and shagreen card case. Personalised Louis Vuitton Alzer on the ground.

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Looking cool as, Simon.

Necktie… Drake’s?


The light colored socks toning in with the suit caught my eye. It works wonderfully.


As a regular reader of both your blog and “Fuera de Serie” (Friday lifestyle magazine of “Expansión”, the main economic newspaper in Spain)I was nicely surprised this morning, when I saw your interview.

But the first thing I thouhgt was:
“Was he really wearing a linen suit in the middle of winter?”
They should have mentioned you visited Madrid in October, because now many readers will think you are a good example of eccentric british man… 😉


Dear Simon

A nice suit though pity you are in the distance as we cant see those delectable smaller items you mention. I am also very pleased you have got Drakes to make some 9cm ties – i love the wider ties – very Ralph Lauren catwalk but, i was in there yesterday and saw none. Are they readily available or by order only?

I do have a question though and hope you can provide some help and advise. I have, for my birthday, been given a Lanvin tie pin, quite a heavy one actually, and i am concerned about what it does to the tie. I assume it goes through both the tie and the back bit and shirt but, as i wear Drakes ties (and very carefully look after everything i own) i do not want to ruin a good tie (i wear various varieties if that makes any difference) so any help would be much appreciated.

If you could also offer advise when it should be worn as i feel it is more formal and ‘more evening’ than day and, on the other hand i feel i need to be brave to wear it.

If it does ruin ties i could exchange for a tie pin which i assume is kinder to a tie. What are your thoughts on this?