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Eugene Freedman

Really like the lightly padded, but pretty significantly roped shoulder and nipped waist that is C&M’s style.

I look forward to your commission progressing and the associated articles.

Wow you’re fast !

I asked yesterday via Twitter to C&M’s account

Thank you for sharing…

Mxolisi Ngonelo

A double breasted jacket (6×2) is a true gem, a gold mine if you will. It’s unbelievable how such a voluminous jacket can work in perfect harmony with other clothes of slim proportions. The shirt, the tie, all work perfectly. Nothing seems anomalous.

That nipped waist though.


When I was a looking for a tailor to make my wedding suit (I went with John Kent eventually) I had a great conversation with Joe Morgan regarding styles of suiting etc. He is a really helpful, lovely guy. A little too expensive for my pocket unfortunately but I would love to have them make me something one day.
That is a beautiful jacket though. A little too much roping for my taste but it’s not out of balance. I love the full lapels. Fantastic!

Josh Shein

Simon are we safe to assume that the word ‘special’ is used euphemistically?!!!


Thanks for having posted the requested pic.
This outfit is obviously a Britsh take on the seersucker suit!
For the kind of event refered to, it seems to me too to be a very good choice indeed.


Seersucker is seen as a “cheap” suit nowadays. This version is clearly not cheap and certainly stands out in a crowd. If you want subtle bespoke, it can be found; yet if you want something YOU really like, bespoke is the answer.

It got me to look up the C&M website and see when they might come to the US. Of course, my “old and fat” carcass may not look good in a double breasted version of the suit but the concept is intriguing. That and the fact that I have lost 20 pounds since my last bespoke suit…

Michael Stockwell

That is a wonderful creation. I think I may just have to indulge in one similar.


-7° C outside make me think of seersucker commissions.. do you know the maker of that navy fabric, Simon? Thank you, and all the best for 2016!

Juan Carretero

This is a superb concept for the hot summers of Madrid. Do you know who makes the fabric? Unfortunately classic seersucker in pastel colours would attract too much attention, like wearing a straight boater hat.
Thank you


Hi Simon,
Posting this here, but my question is more general:

Where do you source and buy suitings?

I asked you about the Solbiati navy/navy seersucker fabric that Michael Brown had made up as a a DB as I very much like the idea of a non-traditional seersucker. Following your guidance on the maker I reached out to Solbiati to find out where to buy 3 meters for a suit. Their reply (from Loro Piana) was friendly but effectively saying they don’t do B2C sales. I should go with two MTM houses in Berlin that have the fabric, neither of which I would have wanted to use.

Long intro to my question, which may be of wider interest: how do you source suitings as a private customer? Are there merchants that would sell a suit’s length of e.g. the Solbiati seersucker directly to me?

I would like to a/ make sure the fabric isn’t sold out or discontinued by the time I have decided who to go with, and b/ retain the flexibility to take it to who I think is the best one for the job.

Do you just walk into a tailor’s shop, see what they have available and then pick one on site?

We can elaborate via email if you like.

Thanks much and good Sunday!



Hi Simon,

In regard to the dazzling bunches of the fabrics you have, may I ask the reason why you don’t commit seersucker suit or odd pants? And what’s your opinion about seersucker in comparison to the linen in extremely hot wether?