Friday was the Bespoke Tailors’ Benevolent Association (BTBA, new version of MTBA) summer ball. As per usual there was an eclectic range of outfits, from sober business dress to top hats, cream linen to sequins.  

Three Anderson & Sheppard employees were among those receiving certificates: Jennie, Ollie and Sunna, who readers will know from the A&S blog The Notebook.

Michael Skinner doing the honours

Sunna (Johnson) and Ollie (Trenchard) with their SRB diplomas for coatmaking and cutting respectively

Steven Hitchcock and Tom Baker

Fred Nieddu, who joined Timothy Everest as cutter from Meyer & Mortimer last Monday, to work alongside Lloyd

Kathryn Sargent and Albert Nelson, one of the best coatmakers on the Row (works for Huntsman and Dege)

 John Hitchcock and Sunna


I wore a cream linen suit from Terry Haste (above), with white long-sleeved polo from Al Bazar, linen handkerchief from Simonot-Goddard and buttonhole from the garden. A few other combinations below, my favourite being Davide Taub from Gieves & Hawkes (third below). Such great muted colours.

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like your polo shirt, is it long or short sleeve ? Where is it from ?


Hi Simon,
This time around, it all looks a little bit relaxed. The good whether seems to have played a role.


Simon, it would be interesting if you did a contrast to a similar even in Italian tailoring (if there is one).
The styles, cut and cloth on display here seem quite dull and old man-ish. (with the exception of the deep blue C&M DB and your Linen number of course)
Its just that English tailoring can sometimes appear quite boring and 2 dimensional where as Italian tailoring looks more alive. Its a total generalisation of course but the above pics do give that impression


Do you tuck your Al Bazar polo in your trousers or wear it untucked?


Hi Simon,
It is somehow striking the number of Blacks envolved in British high-end-menswear world! Here is Albert Nelson next to Kathryn Sargent, and in your previous posts I have discovered Michael Brown among others.
I say striking, because I’m not at all sure whether one could find in France or Italy Blacks at this level of craftsmanship. This is perhaps the main reason why an African heir could dare go to Paris and benightedly pay 250 000 euro for an Astrakhan coat at F. Smalto in the first place!


Hi Simon,
I forgot to ask you in my previous comment how your jacket is constructed.
Thanks for your reply.


Your ensembles are looking more and more effortless, I love it.

Perhaps a post on how to achieve this effortlessness and nonchalance with one’s dress?

Ed Preedy

Hi Simon,

I was interested by your Al Bazar top. Is there anyway to buy their clothes in the UK and if not would you consider a Permanent Style collaboration?

David Craggs

Dear Simon,
The mid blue double breasted above (white shirt – spectacles in pocket).
Do you know who cut it and anything about the cloth?