This is the final jacket that my wife commissioned from Kathryn Sargent at the beginning of the year. It was actually ready a couple of months ago, but it seemed more relevant to organise the shoot when the weather actually suited a tweed jacket.

My first post is worth reading for the tailoring contrasts between men’s and women’s jackets. Women’s are often shorter, leading to knock-on effects on the buttoning point, lapels and particularly pockets. Women also tend to prefer very tight jackets, such is the RTW propensity for achieving body-clinging fit through stretch fabrics. This adds a particular difficulty to ‘fitting the mind’, as tailors put it, as opposed to the body.

Since my wife has had the jacket, it’s interesting to see how she wears and styles it. The prevalent attitudes in women’s fashion make it easier to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath, for example; I understand the desire to roll back the cuff, and of course this is easier on a jacket with functioning buttons; and being a tweed jacket it readily goes with slim jeans and slimline trainers.

I wouldn’t necessarily emulate these looks, but there are certainly style points to bear in mind – as there usually are when any stylish woman (Anda at Anderson & Sheppard springs to mind) rocks tailoring.

The cut and fit were perfect, as I would expect from Kathryn, and her suggestion of the Liberty-print lining and red undercollar (her trademark colour) gave the jacket a nice turn of style. 

You can see more detail on Kathryn’s style and process in the step-by-step posts I wrote last year on the  ‘perfect travel blazer’ she made for me:
The conception
The cutting
The fitting
The finished jacket

Photography: Luke Carby