A reminder that the beautiful merino/silk socks we created with William Abraham will be available for the general public to view as of Monday. Until then, Permanent Style readers can order at this link, which is hidden on the main site. 

The socks have been selling well – thank you all for your support, as always. There’s been some wonderful feedback too, with positive responses and suggestions for future iterations. As of now, there are no plans for more socks, but ideas are always appreciated. 

For more information on the socks, which combine a unique fibre with a unique weave pattern with absolutely the best colour, see the original post on our collaboration here

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Andrew Bentley

Hi Simon – I was going to treat myself to some of these , but $21 shipping on top is just a bridge too far, I’m afraid.


I bought mine earlier in the week and got notification late last night that they had been despatched. Based on previous experience of buying outside the EU, there is the distinct possibility that they will be held at Customs when they arrive in the UK and that import duty of at least 20% will be added 🙁 As Simon notes, to be kept for special occasions……

Ken Y

McMurray – I have bought socks from William Abraham previously and delivery has been made direct to my door bypassing the customs man…

Andrew B – shipping is an additional cost and if you only buy a single pair of socks you may feel it is not cost effective, however as it’s Christmas why not buy a few pairs and present them to your friends and family they come in lovely boxes!


Ken Y – thanks for that info. Fingers crossed.

Frederick Weste

How much?? I’d struggle to pay that for a pair of strides, let alone sockies.

Ken Y

Following up on my last post – Having ordered two pairs of these socks, today I received a bill from custom for the princely sum of £30.46 so it seems a bit hit and miss my first order got thought without added tax but this time round I have been charged. Fore warned is fore armed.


Just found this site.

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Now I must EVERYHING you have written.